The Bichon Frise Whirlwind!

The fab-5 are nearly a month old! They had their first attempt at soggy wet dog food today, and were hysterical trying to eat it, while licking each others faces too!


They’re so funny when you put them in the grass, and they aren’t much taller than it either!


One of the puppies is a mommas-girl, and learned to growl and bark when we went out in the sun today. Isabelle has been a HUGE help, especially now that they don’t sleep quietly in the basket, not to mention carrying 5 wiggly Bichons is next to impossible!


The hard part will be sending them to their new homes…especially tiny Penelope, as she’s become our very favorite. Anyone who owns them will tell you it’s like Potato Chips…you can’t have just one…but three will break me at the groomer!


Awww, there’s really not words to describe how cute and cuddly they are!

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