Inaction…or saving your sanity 101

I admit I am a control freak. I’ll even go one step further and admit that I can be inflexible. Consequently, I have pretty much hassled my children into being fantastic little people. I’m guaranteed passable behavior, and at the very least, can count on them not to embarrass me publicly. They’re 12 and 7, so I figure that’s pretty much the norm by the time they’re that old, right?



I’ve been running in circles, chasing my own tail if you will, trying to get everyone on board with the same ideas. I’ve made a feelings box, have tried to negotiate respectfully when I’m on thin ice…and have finally come to a pretty annoying conclusion. (Actually, my delightful ex-husband shoved me into coming to the conclusion)


Sometimes the only way to help someone, is to let them hang themselves with their own rope. Sometimes you have to go a step further even, and offer them your rope to hang themselves with. Worse still…sometimes you have to let them shake your peaceful happy existence by watching them do it.

I. Am. In. Hell.


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