The age of disrespect


Everywhere you go, you have the misfortune of seeing how truly disrespectful our society has become. Everything from:

The spoiled brat

The philandering spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or parent.

The pet owner that doesn’t spay or neuter

The church that spends 10 million dollars building a monstrosity that is guaranteed to irritate the neighborhood with their Wal-Mart style parking lot that boasts a light pole every 5 feet.

The ignorant neighbor that sprays their herbicide all over everyone’s yards, purely to ensure his grass is emerald green.

The sheer moronic nature of parents that put their 4 year old children on a dirt bike so they can somehow relive their white trash youth.

People who don’t look you in the eye, or say hello or goodbye when they’re coming or going.

I know…I’m being a whiny miserable pain. I had finally really attained a happy and stable life where I knew when I was coming or going, felt great about the job I was doing with my two adorable kids, and was really happy.

Then disrespect came and destroyed my oasis.


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