My Koolhaas hat…the bane of my knitting existence.

I’m in love with this gorgeous hat. This is Jared Flood’s Koolhaas hat pattern, inspired by architect Rem Koolhaas’s Seattle Library.


However… after pulling it apart three times, I’m finally just past the first cable set… with 4 more to go. I found the most exquisite emerald green Noro Cash Iroha (Silk, Cashmere, Lambswool & Nylon) but it’s sort of holey and not really defined enough for what I had envisioned. This pattern is work…not an easy and relaxing knit (for me) but I want it… dangit… and I’ve got to have it.


Perhaps new yarn? Smaller needles? Argh. I’m so close to just pulling it out and finding a new pattern… 😦


My children have cheered me on along the way… and since I’m a die-hard and simply cannot just QUIT… I have to finish it… but I’m dreading the next 4 repeats considering I’m already not really happy with how it’s looking… too smooshy and open, with too much along the lines of holes for cold air to get in… Help. Sigh. Whine.

9 thoughts on “My Koolhaas hat…the bane of my knitting existence.

  1. Heather

    I am relieved that someone else has had trouble with this hat, I am on my third attempt. It is classified as “easy” in the IK Holiday Knits 09 edition. I’m not a beginner knitter and there is no way this hat is “easy”. thanks for sharing the experience, every other site is all “I whipped this up in an afternoon” and “sooo awesome and simple” GAG.

  2. Sara

    I also am on my third attempt at this hat. I am an experienced knitter so I do know what I am doing. I have come to the conclusion that the directions are incorrect. Where can one go to get the correct directions? After all, we have paid for this pattern and it is useless as is.

  3. Judy

    I’ve made three of these hats. I agree that it is not an easy pattern, but the pattern is correct. Even on my third one I had to do some ripping. All three hats were for gifts.

  4. Celeste

    I’m actually totally intimidated at the prospect of knitting this. I’m a stronger crocheter. After some surfing, I found a great crochet rendition of this that is really not that difficult at all. She just asks that you not sell your efforts using her pattern.

    • I’ve knit 3 of them since this post. I will say…

      1. I only knit them for the people I truly love. Truly… like my firstborn… my mother… and… someone else. 🙂
      2. It’s a fucking pain in the ass. The F word is necessary in this sentence. I don’t know anyone on earth who likes to do this much cabling- but it’s totally worth it.
      3. I’ve told 3 people that I would charge them $100 to knit this hat. I’m not kidding. One of them is started… and it’s from a woman who tried to knit it… and I quote “$100? That’s it? I would charge, like, $500.” It’s a pain… really… but soooooo worth it.
      4. It’s the only hat I’ve ever knit for myself.
      5. I have a huge crush on Jared, who I’ve decided (rather stereotypically, sorry) that he must be gay. No straight man thinks of knitting things so perfectly and beautifully. I love him… gush… like I love Conan O’Brian… OMG. Gay or not- I’d marry either of you… TOMORORROW.

  5. Jenni, I don’t recall seeing you wear this?
    I’d love to see the finished product in real life 🙂
    It’s a beautiful pattern. I wonder if my sis could crochet me one.

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