43 Reasons…

I love him for so many reasons, and being that it was his birthday, I’d like to name a few…

He loves anything and everything I cook/bake for him, including his birthday cake. I found the recipe for it on RecipeZaar, (if you haven’t heard of it, go check it out! They’re credited for leading us to our favorite Creamy Burrito Casserole recipe too, another huge hit!)

He shovels topless… and… as long as I don’t have to join in, I’m a huge fan.

He dressed up with me for Halloween…which meant he wore the not-so-cute-matching-outfit to my cute one, without complaint. Unfortunately he took a liking to his woodsman pants so I’ve had to see the green wool wonders more than I would have liked 🙂


He made the most beautiful garden for me, out of a Tansy field. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is. Also, when I told him I really wanted the second half to be round…


He didn’t even argue with me, he just kept on tilling and still tells everyone it was his favorite part of the garden.

He plays catch with the boys, and has taught my son how to throw a football. He reminds us to play.

He loves me completely. Better than that, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, and remembers to make me play if I’ve been working too much. I’m running out of pictures but not reasons…

  • He makes me a latte every morning, usually before I drive Little Red to school
  • He does ALL the snow shoveling, including 4 roofs this winter
  • He does more than his fair share of dishes.
  • He watches football with me on Sunday and still explains it to me… even though he has a million times already.
  • He loves my kids… and he shares his son with me too.
  • He puts up with my crafty ADHD… my knitting… my yarn…my fabric…umm… etc…
  • He puts up with me.
  • He lets me spoil my dog… and doesn’t mind if she sleeps in our bed.
  • He’s comfortable with my ex-husband being included in every holiday, and is always welcoming.
  • He supports me being self-employed, even though it’s stressful lately and money is so tight, he never tells me I can’t do something I really hope I’m able to do.
  • He listens to me gripe about my family, my friends’ boyfriend, etc, and even pretends to be interested.
  • He’s honest and  funny.

He drives me just crazy enough to make it fun, which is why this blog will come in handy some day when I want to strangle him for not putting the cereal away nicely 🙂 Happy Birthday Honey 🙂

3 thoughts on “43 Reasons…

  1. Ana

    After reading your list, I seriusly think on sending Grady to your house for a fast training on how to… make a latte, remember about the dishes, and to take off his shirt during shoveling snow (by the way that is very HOT!!) I will still do the laundry of curse 🙂

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