Debbie Meyer, of the almighty Green Bags, you are my HERO.

I kid you not, I took pictures of my fruit and vegetables for you all to see…

Then deleted them trying to copy the files to a different card, accidentally chose format… and wiped it completely clean.

Suffice it to say, Ms. Debbie Meyer, that you have saved me untold fortunes by now, and your Green Bags give me endless joy at finding my bananas delicious living outside of the fridge for more than 2 weeks!

Tomatoes: not even wrinkly after 2 weeks in a green bag hanging in my stainless steel basket by the sink. Literally delicious and as fresh as if I’d just picked them off the plant.

Celery crisp and strong after a month, carrots just the same. Lemons 2 months old, ginger also, as well as 4 month old fresh garlic! I’m a convert, I am a believer, I am sold!

All you who love me and know I love you, run to the store or order them online. Then every time you marvel at your beautiful fresh produce that you worked so hard to afford, remember me, and how much I love you, and how I shared the marvelous miracle of the Green Bag, with you 🙂



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