Picketing Palin Peacefully.

I’m a good old fashioned small town girl. I grew up in Sandpoint, and love it or hate it- it’s home.  My kids were born here- and are growing up swimming in the same lake I did as a child. Eurasian Milfoil poison or not. It’s still a small town- with few traffic lights and old fashioned conservative roots. It’s Sandpoint, Idaho… chosen home of Mark Fuhrman… of O.J. Simpson infamy… oh and nearby to the white supremacist supernova… That’s just great. Puke.

So I took my passionately liberal children out to picket. Hate me if you want… as you can see I couldn’t give a shit less how you feel about it.
I believe (more than anything else) in my right to assemble and protest. Peacefully. I refused to engage with the lunatic conservatives-  and Oh-Me-Oh-My they were there in full effect. You only need to check my local newpaper’s website to see how many people suggest I have my children taken away by CPS because I support their right to disagree. Amazing that they can’t see the connection between their freedom of speech and ours. Sad really.

Something good came out of this evening, actually. My ex-boyfriend decided to come with us… and promptly threw me under the bus and let the lunatic asshole guys prey on me until the fire chief came over and made them leave. If there were ever a clear sign… it was my daughter and HIS son shrinking behind me while some strange man yelled in my face… Mr. needs-a-new-girlfriend was busy shooting the shit with one of their friends.

I had a huge amount of satisfaction looking at him, thinking… you’re going to really suffer this mistake at some point, I guarantee you. Fucking jerk.

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