Mr. Fantasy Date is a mere mortal after all…

I admit it. I fantasized about his cockpit… but hearing he’d been talking to someone else the whole time he was talking to me…and that he’d already had my fantasy date with him play out with someone else makes it seem recycled – no matter how you slice it. Fantasy guy… maybe not so much. What ever happened to a man lying awake at night thinking about you? What happened to good old fashioned tantalization? Sigh.

Yup. I’m THAT girl.  The one who wants to captivate you.  I make no apology for being divinely female…sexual…smart…and well… not interested in this whole online (dating) recycling program.  Especially when distance dictates interest… I happily make the 2 hour drive to Victoria’s Secret- even though they sell panties at Walmart 10 minutes away. I’m all about quality. Also I don’t want to be on The Bachelor… vying for the attention of one man amongst many other women. I pride myself on being worth more than that- so XOXO, love you to bits- but no thanks 🙂

Because I don’t ever want to settle for being one-of-many. Eww.

Damn, damn, damn though… I really liked him.

One thought on “Mr. Fantasy Date is a mere mortal after all…

  1. Rick

    Speechless, well almost. My recent and very short dating attempt has never meant to replicate a recycling program as I do want to find someone to lay awake at night thinking about. I’m sad to hear myself referred to in the past tense and would love to make the drive to meet you.

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