Oh Ben.

Considered internet dating? Hmmm… I hadn’t either… but such is life, and so it goes.

Frustrated and trying to avoid the bar scene?  Thinking you might  contact someone from an online dating service?  I’m not sure where to begin in warning someone, but the email I received today should say it all…

hi im Ben, looks like you have very full plate, me too. Hardly ever have enough time to do it all with alot of irons in the fire. looks like we have alot in common I think we could be good friends at least maby more im not sure. I think it would come down to time. maby im wrong but we are both very independent and that takes alot. so here is an invite to you. I think your pics are very hot for some reason, you look a little taller in photos than you stated, mis-print or just my take on them? I am an artist at heart and see some things different than most. I was also born in Sandpit but I have never lived there. I love gadgets, tec. stuff,art,music,outdoors. (not a hippi or a tec. geek) more of a hunter, fisher,worker with the cool shit to do it with!

Is it really so much to ask for a man that knows how to spell “maybe”? Or hope for one who knows how to capitalize? There are some dangerous violations with the comma in this email.  I especially love that he thinks that my pics are “very hot for some reason”. Didn’t we learn these things in grade school? Has the internet really freed people up so much that they feel comfortable looking/sounding like an idiot? I probably sound like a bitch- but I’d love to correct his email and send it back- lol. Not to be mean- but to help a ‘fella out… he can’t be having much luck with that approach.

Incidentally my profile says:

“I would love to meet someone who reads for enjoyment and can write a love note that I can understand both the spelling and grammar in”

Somehow that doesn’t really sound like Ben.


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