Photographic torture.

Oh hell. Oh hell twice.

The most uncomfortable part of internet dating (for me)  is getting a photo from someone that doesn’t list one on their dating profile… and not knowing what to say. I’m too nice- a curse that’s followed me into the depths of dating strangers.

“Here are some pictures of me, hope ya like em!”

Gulp. Um. Uh-oh.


What now? How do you possibly say “Actually I’m not at all attracted to you whatsoever.”?  I said “Thanks!” which I’m aware doesn’t help. At ALL. Because this came this morning:

“Well, I’m a little confused. Are you interested in communicating with me and getting to know each other? I would be crazy if I weren’t interested in you. I do realize you probably have about 100 guys emailing you dailey from this site. Which would take alot of your time weeding threw them all. I would like to offer to take you to dinner anywhere in the world and see if sparks fly. -G”

Why-oh-why are men so confident? All the wrong ones anyway.  I’m going to feel like a total bitch for telling him I’m not interested. I’m not motivated by someone’s bank account- I have to be attracted to them physically.

But putting that into words that don’t hurt anyone’s feelings?


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