Am I missing something?

The saga continues. I emailed my marshmallow customer to thank him for the kind email and let him know I’m not interested.

“Awww thanks!  Yes, we’re looking for different things- but I’m flattered nonetheless.


I hoped it was nice but also clear. In the hopes I wouldn’t have to deal with this guy being flirty-weird towards me this market season. Damn it. This is what came back:

“Well good. You deserve to be flattered since your smile and eyes can melt most men, myself included. I like what you said too about growing a set, I did learn that the hard way. I was the by-product of a family with five older sisters, with a strong mom and weak dad. It is incredibly freeing to free that wild man inside of me. You would probably like David Deida’s book The Way of the Superior Man. It is the only required reading in our Sandpoint Men’s Group. Although you may like the book he wrote to women even more, called Dear Lover.


For fucks sake. I’m half tempted to write him back and tell him I’m friends with his ex-wife, just to get the point across. He is 48, 5’5″ and around 220 lbs. I don’t get where this unhealthy level of self confidence comes from. Seriously. It’s the equivalent of me flirting with an 18 year old boy.

This whole internet dating thing has gotten downright depressing.

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