Tomato inferno…

I’ve never planted into black plastic before. If you ever wanted to know how hot hell just might be, plant 112 tomatoes in the dead hot sun… into black plastic. I look like a little lobster, cute little red yoga pants and all. I have a ton of work this week & this is my only day in my own garden so I’m racing to get everything planted.

Ta-Da!! They’re in!

Well… not all of them… but half. My gosh… you would think my family would have scheduled an intervention already.

The wretched hoop house is finally up. I had to literally fight this thing to get it up, lol…

The only picture of me during this nightmare project is the very definition of false advertisement. This was the most unpleasant thing I’ve ever done in my life. Ugh.

I tilled in some rabbit manure, Tomato Tone (on the left side only) and two bags of compost. I planted one of each of the 23 varieties I’m growing this year, along with peppers & basil and I’m amazed how much they grew overnight.

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