Building stairs is for brain surgeons

Or at least for girls whose men didn’t store the wood outside in the weather.

Damn, damn, damn.

I got out my tape measure… pencil… circular saw… chop saw… went and found some cedar boards and decided to build some steps for the hot tub. I begged “he who shall not be named” to help me build some a few years back… but I figure I’d love my crappy steps more because I built them anyway.

I get all the measurements written on the boards… and start cutting them with the circular saw.

My least favorite tool. Ever. It chews through wood in a way that makes my fingers shake. I love to knit… and I’d be devastated to lose a finger.

I get to the last cut on the first board… and…

The entire board splits in half.

Ugh. Why…

Seeing as I’ve matched them cut for cut… they’re both useless now. I toss them in the burn pile and head inside to scour google for more help. These are the moments I REALLY want a husband. I usually just remind myself that you can hire someone to do any job a husband could… and move on…

but today? I’m annoyed.Not to the point of crying about it (yet) but annoyed nonetheless.

I take the easy route first… Home 🙂 Where many of my expensive habits take flight.

Just as I thought… for a mere $24.97 each, I can buy them premade… avoiding the ugly finger-eating circular saw and eliminating the water logged wood problem. I put my order in- and they’re on the way.

Crisis averted- husband unnecessary.

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