Shark FAQ

I’ve gotten several emails asking for clarification… so here ya go.

1. What’s the definition of a shark?

THAT guy. The one your mom warned you about. Charming… sexy… aggressive…successful…confident…& most of all…persistent. He smells good, he’s a gentleman… and he looks at you like you’re his favorite thing on the menu. He’s dangerous- unfaithful and irresistible. You don’t wonder if he can do something, you wonder what he can’t do… He can kiss you until you forget your name and if you fail to realize that you’re in over your head, he’s capable of consuming you entirely.

2. Where can I get my own shark?

That’s a little tricky. You can’t really. Embrace your love of the shark and when you least expect it… one will be after you. Careful!

3. Us nice guys get a raw deal- women always like men that treat them like crap. Why do women prefer sharks???

Simple, because they like themselves. I can’t be more clear. Timid or nervous men are a complete buzz kill for most women. We want to know that you’re a confident man- that you’re protective- and that not only are you worth it- but you’re willing to work for what you want. I love nice guys- but all too often nice=boring. I’ve yet to meet a shark who didn’t have a hell of an imagination. Can’t say the same about “nice” guys. I don’t know a single woman that enjoys someone treating them like crap though- we all complain about that one.

4. I hate sharks- One broke my heart.

Only one? What are you complaining about? Sorry- I’m only half kidding. Out of my past relationships, I’ve had the most fun with a shark. The end can be brutal- or you can go in with your eyes open- knowing if you get careless- you could pay dearly. Make sure if you decide to roll the dice that you get an honest shark- it’s too volatile a situation to add lying to the mix.

5. Can you hook a shark for life?

Have you been to Sea World? Have you ever seen a happy shark there? The killer whales do cute little shows ….Oh…until one ate her trainer last year. Catch my drift? You might hook a shark initially… but they simply don’t do well in captivity. What will be undoubtedly exciting initially…will wear on you eventually. Every woman wants to feel like she’s enough for the man in her life… and you will never be enough for most sharks. Sad but unavoidable. Accept it… or give it up.

Personally… I compare my shark habit to smoking… I don’t smoke – and I hate it- but every once in a while…

I cave… give in to the craving… and go for it.

Knowing full well that the best idea is to avoid it entirely because it’s too easy to get addicted and it’s so hard to quit.

8 thoughts on “Shark FAQ

  1. maybe you need to jump in the shark pool, swim a little and jump out before it opens its jaws to bite your ass. When it turns around, jump again…

    As long as you have strength to jump in and out…



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