Thank goodness I did the dishes…

I woke up this morning bored out of my mind. Kids are with their dad- I don’t have work until Friday- and the mulch is nasty and slimy so I’m not in any hurry to rush out to the garden.

I’d gotten home fairly early last night- planted some more in the garden, made myself a pomegranate martini and took my knitting to bed…

Which is when I really started to question my shark habit.

I’m 33… single… laying alone in my empty king size 4-poster bed… in my empty house… with freshly shaved legs.

I should seriously start dating someone available for a more permanent and fulfilling relationship. Seriously. I can hear my grandmother saying “Ohhhh Jenni….”  and that’s not usually a good sign.

I read the Desiderata, reminded myself I’m human- and went to bed early.

I’d love to say I got up full of ambition and ready to take it all on… but in all honesty-

I woke up frustrated by my lonely silky soft legs.

I’ve never claimed to be anything less than co-dependent, I hate being single- which has annoyed my friends and family forever. So I’ve been doing the single thing… with a side of shark… which makes being single not so bad… except it really isn’t enough.

I should give him up…and I know it. I know already that I like him a little too much for my own good- and he’s poised to completely toy with me. Yikes.

So I’m not in any mood to get a bunch of awful stuff done that I’ve been dreading…and I’m just finishing the dishes when I get my favorite variety of text message…

O- Home?

J- Yes.

O- Can I stop by? Wanna have lunch?

J- Yes.

See how fast I cave? To hell with giving him up- so I like him too much- if that’s the worst thing then I’m already making better choices than the last time.  So at some point ya’ll might have to hear me bitch and moan about making the same choice twice and suffering the same consequences- sorry in advance…

He comes in and I’m immediately flushed…and he’s smiling.

O- What are you in the mood for?

I laugh and rinse my hands nervously and he walks up behind me, pressing up against me until I can feel the edge of the counter against my hips and his teeth on my neck…Oh my… and his insanely soft hands on those same silky thighs I was begrudging earlier, lifting the skirt of my dress up…

I pray to God and every Saint whose name I can remember that nobody stops by and ruins this… because in the 12 years I’ve owned this house… I have never enjoyed my kitchen so much.

He kisses me on his way out the door-

J- It’s nice to see you- I was so uninspired I didn’t have anything to write about this morning.

O- I know- that’s why I stopped by… have a good day.

Who could blame a girl for being hooked?

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