If I wanted a puppy…I’d buy one.

It’s the college edition of internet dating. The young ones are out in full force today. Brace yourselves. You can tell school’s out and the boys need something to do… bless their hearts.


I love Sandpoint and you sound like a cool girl. I don’t fit your age specs but give me a chance?

The guy is 23 years old. Twenty three. Lord Have Mercy. No.

and then I realize… that’s the age difference between my ex and I… and it never bothered me… and why shouldn’t karma make things swing back around in my favor…

No… Sorry- no cradle robbing.


I love your profile and wondered if you’d make an exception on your age requirements. I just got my Masters in Social Work and I’m very responsible, I swear! I love to garden, and I would love to help you. Friends? Michael

Nowwww we’re talking! Give me one that wants to weed in the garden- I’ll date him. At least until the garden’s weeded…

lol… sorry. I’m kidding. I do have to give the guy credit though- nobody’s offered to help weed yet, I may go on a date with him just because he offered. I just couldn’t take him seriously as a boyfriend- sorry. I don’t know though, he certainly tempted me by offering to help. I’d be worried that I’d completely objectify him… which really wouldn’t be nice. They sure are cute when they’re twenty though- huh?

Farm boy

Im a farmer too. Hows your night?

Good Grief… this cute little farm boy is 21… as in just barely legal drinking age. Yikes. I feel like I should have to apologize to his mom.

Looking for you

A domestic goddess is the key to happiness. When are we going and where? Luke

Helllllllo Luke. Luke is 24… and full of game, lol 🙂 I should embrace my inner mudshark and date this gorgeous little thing. But I have a soul… and a conscience… and a crush. Bummer.


You even like football? Your the perfect woman. Lets get married this weekend so I always remember our anniversary. Kevin

Kevin’s seem to like me these days. Gotta love a spontaneous marriage proposal from a 25 year old cutie. Don’t like the Seahawks though Kev- sorry.


Busy friday? I wanna take ur hot ass dancin. Steven

Oh goodie- finally one that fits my stereotype. Sad thing is… he’s 27. Older than the younger boys… and still just… Young. Tempting though- it’s been a long time since I dated someone who could dance. Like… forever.

Funny huh? They’re all so cute- and so… twenty-something. Hmmm…

The creepy thing?

My profile has been viewed 3,487 times.


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