A not so lovely gift.

I had 90 emails this morning… ugh. None from who I wanted one from.


But then I found this lovely little nightmare.

so cool

hey so why wont you email me i am a good man dont drink loyal love to have fun not into bar seen like kids.i have two kids love camping really really loyal and honest i know they all say that but i am.you can tex if you want i 509-951-**** i am not a crazy guy just like one good woman to share my life with.tom

and I suppose because I didn’t write back to him he had more time to actually READ my profile…. so I got this a day later:

non drinker

hey over looked the drinking your not for me i dont want a drunk in my life had to do that allready, have a good life

Grrrrrrrr. I’m sort of an anti-smoker because I hate the smell of cigarettes- but I would never email them and tell them they’re stinking up the place. I just choose not to smoke- and not to date smokers. Fine- no problems there. But…. if someone is going to take the time to insult me? I can rise to the occasion without a problem.

Are you kidding me?

You know what? It’s my birthday today, asshole.

Incidentally, just because you decide not to drink, doesn’t make me a drunk. I’m a beautiful single mother of two honor roll students. I’m self employed, and twice as intelligent as you’ll ever be. Even drunk.

You are a fat, unattractive old man- hitting on me purely because you think I’m attractive. How many couples do you see that look like you and I? None. Buy yourself a clue, and then some manners- because no MAN speaks to a woman like you did to me. I didn’t contact you- I had no interest in you whatsoever. You came to me because you’re delusional enough to think a woman like me would be interested in a jerk like you.

Not only do you not fit into what I’m looking for, (not that it stopped you or even slowed you down) you’re not even smart enough to capitalize or punctuate so that I can better understand your ignorance. I’m only attracted to intelligent men, which is one of the many, many factors that eliminate you entirely.

You’re single because there’s nothing attractive about dating you, thanks for inviting me be the one to give you the cold hard truth. I’m not surprised you drove a woman to alcoholism- I’d get drunk too if I had to face you coming at me naked.

So fuck you…. actually no- I take that back. I wouldn’t even if you were holding a loaded gun to my head.

4 thoughts on “A not so lovely gift.

  1. Dave

    You do realize you will continue to suffer until you listen to me! for the last time- GET YO ASS OFF THE NET.

    Ur way too hot for online dating. Go search the women and u will know what i mean.

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