I hope you get just what you always wanted…

“You know what I hope you get? Really? A nice hard cock in the rectum…all the way to your throat, you lousy fucking waste of my time.”

I never said I was nice when I was mad… this is my favorite excerpt of tonight’s exchange.

and he should be so lucky as to get what he has wished for…hell I’m hoping he meets the perfect man packing a giant one. In fact… I’ve never wanted to go meet a hung-like-a-horse-bisexual in my whole life. Until now. Now I hope he’s gutted by the giant cock and can’t sit, shit, or walk for a week. Serves his thieving ass right.

Perhaps it wasn’t what he wanted me to share with all his guy friends who were helping him move.

In that case? Don’t mention your weaknesses during our relationship… because I will unabashedly exploit the hell out of them when you least enjoy it.

Like to see me wet? Hmmm. Shouldn’t have mentioned it. I put on my skimpiest bikini and a white dress…and danced in the sprinkler while he packed. Turns you on to see me laughing and singing along with my iPod in the garden? Hmmm… Listen up, bitch. It was bold enough that my mom was laughing.

Love my hair in pigtails? Hmmm.

He’s definitely wishing he didn’t mention that. He was furious as soon as he saw them.

Because if you’re worth your vagina? You can make a man fucking miserable. Pay attention… it’s where women win the battle EVERY time. Men never pay attention, which makes crushing them all too easy.

So I kept his favorite thing on earth- and he stole my boat. My children will probably spit at him if they have the misfortune of seeing him again and I have the unpleasant task of getting my first “Order Of Protection”.

The worst part? The sheriff telling me that they didn’t think he’d come back, unless he was coming back to kill me.

S- You need to go first thing in the morning and get an order of protection. That guy is violent, and wants to harm you.

J- Great. Sorry… Nothing like living that white trash Cops show… I’m so sorry you’re here under these circumstances.

S- I’m sorry he took your boat. We can’t do anything because he licensed it.

J- That’s ok. He can have it. I’m going to have sex on his bed and build a fence with his lumber. The boat doesn’t run… and I kept the carburetor & the key.

S- Blah blah blah- I didn’t hear any of that, but good for you.

The guy has a mean flat top, and no wedding ring… would it be terrible to hit on him? Sorry… I told you… I’m beyond sexually frustrated at this point. I’m ready to drag the sheriff to the tent… LOL

If only to let him hear me scream with satisfaction as he drives my stolen boat away.

It’s on… and if he’s smart? He’ll move away quickly.

The best part of my “Order of protection”? He has to leave anywhere I am… Ha ha ha. I never have to see his dirty, hippie ass ever again.

and if I do?

I get to have him arrested.


5 thoughts on “I hope you get just what you always wanted…

  1. lookitsbray

    That’s a very good point cause I can honestly say this entire blog to me was a bunch of words and BAM! The picture…lol

    • That’s the happy smile of smug satisfaction. I’ve had the best time since he moved out 🙂 To hell with the boat- it’s all replaceable.

      You’re such a man 🙂

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