30 Days of Truth, Day 7

30 Days of Truth, Day 7- Someone who has made your life worth living for.

I have two someone’s 🙂 My 15 year old son, and my 10 year old daughter.

My son is more like my co-pilot. He was born three months shy of my 19th birthday. I hate to say it- but it was pretty easy. He’s always been sweet and agreeable, and he’s always made me so proud. He’s the smartest kid in class, while also being the nicest… and the funniest. He cracks me up, and is wicked sarcastic. Absolutely the best teenager I’ve ever known… he even rubs my neck for me when I’m exhausted after a long day. He cooks for me, helps me any way he can whenever I ask. He’s one in a million and I’m lucky enough to be his mom.

He’s nothing short of amazing- and he makes the whole thing worthwhile.

My daughter is like a hurricane of love, craft supplies & generosity. She earned $20 from my mom a week ago and they were headed to the farmer’s market. She bought gifts for everyone- spent all of her money- and was delighted and giggling handing them out. Like a little Miss Santa. Adorable. She even remembered my sisters friend, and got something for her also. She loves art- and is so talented. I had a rough day last week and went into my room, to find this:

hanging at the end of my canopy bed. I looked up and taped to the ceiling above my pillow… was this:

it was only in editing this picture that I realized it says “AKA your baby girl”. She’s too cute- and this is every day average Issy. More thoughtful and sweet than anybody I’ve ever known. She can feel when you’re sad- and she does the sweetest things to make you smile. Truly an angel- and I’m lucky enough to call her my daughter.

She makes every day easier, more beautiful, and full of love. She makes it all worth doing again tomorrow.

My babies…my reason for everything.

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