30 Days of Truth, Day 16

30 Days of Truth, Day 16 – Someone or something you definitely could live without.

I certainly qualify as a hypocrite for what I’m about to say… I can definitely live without television.

I canceled the Direct TV at the beginning of summer. We never turned it on and I was spending $100 a month to ignore it. It didn’t make any sense and I had plenty of garden work to keep me occupied. I burned off the winter pounds, created a beautiful new garden and enjoyed being outside more than ever. I didn’t even miss TV. For a while…

A dear friend loaned me her 6 Feet Under collection- and I slowly watched all of them. I had something to be lazy and veg to- I didn’t even miss MSNBC… MTV… Bravo… or lousy summer re-runs.

But Grey’s Anatomy is this Saturday… and the only football I’ve been able to watch has been at work. I’ve been dying a little. I need Brett Favre. Really. A lot.

So I’m a hypocrite- and I should pick something else…. but really? I can live without it. For the better, even. I’ve had great conversations with my kids all summer. We’ve spent more time together. They keep me company while I make dinner. We spend all of our time focused on each other. It’s been cool- but now we’re sick of it- and ready to plug in again.

SO I can… and probably SHOULD live without it… but I’m being a proud hypocrite and I’m choosing not to. I called Dish Network today- because it’s cheaper, has the same channels… and because they were willing to come install it sooner.

Which makes me both a hypocrite and an addict.


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