30 Days of Truth, Day 17

Day 17 → A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

<stepping up to tie my cherry apron on> I must admit… The book that most shaped me- or my life… is The Joy of Cooking, by By Irma von Starkloff Rombauer. I was 9 when my dad gave me my first copy. I started playing with him in the kitchen and he was painfully honest. I learned to follow a recipe exactly, and how to create my own. I learned to have confidence in myself, but also how to be humbly hopeful someone will like what you make. I learned how to bake myself happy 🙂 Thankfully Weight Watchers taught me how to bake myself thin because I come from generations of comfort eaters.Food-Is-Love-Is-Food in my family. I knew from an early age I couldn’t out cook my Dad… but I knew I could out-bake him. He was mercilessly critical when I deserved it- and praised me by putting things I’d made on the menu. My Dad is the definition of go big or go home.

So armed with my Joy of Cooking- I learned to bake.

My first pie was the plain old Apple pie recipe on page 651. It’s the same recipe I still use. It’s wonderful. The secret is to use Jonagold apples.

I learned how to can with this cookbook- and I learned how to debone a fish. I still pretty much suck at tying a roast. I make a mean chocolate eclair.

All thanks to the Joy of Cooking.

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