30 Days of Truth, Day 20

Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.

How sacrilegious is it if I write this with a buzz?

Drugs… Hmm. I’m fairly tolerant in my old age, which surprises me because I used to be a complete D.A.R.E. crusader. I never touched a single drug in high school. Both of my children grew in a completely drug free body… and then I got divorced… and dated a guy who grew pot for a living. At a certain point, no matter what you’d like to think, if you can’t beat them, you join them. I spent my year as a stoner. Blissfully going full tilt crafting… because the one thing he didn’t realize, is that if you get a Mormon-Roots girl stoned, you’re going to to have to brace yourself for the overdrive crafting. I sewed fresh cranberry wreaths, I hand appliqued felted cashmere dog coats. I canned 97 jars of Salsa… and more. I painted half of the rooms in the house, learned how to install laminate wood flooring, and put new linoleum in the laundry room.

I’m definitely not your garden variety stoner. I get shit done. The ex? Not so much. He never finished anything.

Alcohol… hmm… again… this is a little funny to type with a vodka & soda to my right.

Alcohol can get you into a lot of trouble… and it can get you into some pretty sticky situations. If you think life is difficult… just add alcohol… and hang  the hell on. It’s the ultimate napalm. It can make a good situation golden… and it can make a bad situation a nightmare. It can cap your evening and you can enjoy it while you unwind in front of Grey’s Anatomy or you can pour one for your favorite man (woman) and enjoy it in a whole other way. Alcohol isn’t to be feared, it’s to be respected. Don’t be a drunk asshole- and don’t be abusive. If you can handle your liquor you can sit next to me.

If you can’t handle your drugs & alcohol?  You can fuck off- ya cracked out alcoholic.


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