30 Days of Truth, Day 25

Day 25 → The reason you believe you’re still alive today.

It seemed fitting to pick back up with this infernal month of prompts… it being the 25th and all.

Hmmm. The reason I’m still alive?

Because I’m so damned stubborn. Stubborn doesn’t even cover it… perhaps contrary is a better word. Hot & cold… It’s true. I love what I can’t have, don’t want what is thrown at me and work hard to play more.

I do things the hard way.

I don’t read directions.

I think I know everything.

I sort of do…. lol 🙂

More than anything though? I’m determined to DO IT MYSELF. Like a willful three old child… I’m absolutely convinced that anything is possible… and if I put my mind to it? I can do & learn anything.

I blame my mom for this level of confidence…

I heard a million times as a child “I wish you would apply yourself. If you would just try, you could accomplish anything.”

and then I found Google…. and I believed.

I’ve rewired all of the electrical lines in my garage… I’ve installed hard wood flooring. I’ve done crown moulding and plumbing (uck!) and replaced a hot water heater (double yuck). I’ve plumbed my refrigerators water & ice maker, and ran the statelite lines through the NASTY spray insulation in the attic. (triple yuck!!!) all with the help of my beloved Google.

I’m impatient.

I don’t like to wait…

and I don’t like to hear the word…


So if I’m met with reluctance… I don’t resent it… but I don’t wait either… I GTS… and do it myself.

Stubborn may be a huge pain in the ass… but stubborn gets shit done.


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