Rocking the cradle

You can’t very well rob the cradle when the baby is climbing out all by himself…. right?

I didn’t think so.

I worked all weekend then argued until 4 in the morning with the Shark on Saturday night. Exhausted is the understatement to end all. I got the best kind of text message as I was leaving work last night…

B- I want to come see you. I have a lot on my mind and had to deal with my ex- I know I’d be in a better mood with you.

Ohhhhh yeah. The Baby Chicken is on the way and I’m grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary. Quick trip to the store for beer and then there he is. In all the young gorgeousness you can imagine. Have mercy. He’s smiling at me and I’m nervous as hell.

J- Hiiiiiiiii. I’m glad you’re here.

B- Me too. I can’t believe you’re watching football. This makes me question my man card if you’re watching it and I don’t.

J- My husband is playing- what kind of wife would I be if I didn’t? I love Brett Favre.

B- Brett Favraaaa is old.

J- My sister calls him the same thing- lovely. That’s Mrs. Favraaa to you.

B- You don’t want an old man- you’re a cradle robber.

J- and you’re a very lucky baby.

I genuinely like him. He’s incredibly nice- and funny as hell. He shaves his head… and showed up silky and shiny soft. Have mercy. I’m a huge fan of a clean cut man… but this guy is ruining me for boys with any hair… at ALL.

He grins at me… turns the TV off and starts to take his clothes off…


I talk a good game, but I have goosebumps to my ankles and I’m realizing it’s too late to stop this train. I’ve committed… he’s climbing into my bed and I’m thanking every Saint who’s name I can remember.


In a single second he grabs my hands, and leans down to kiss me…smiling….  I whispered his name and watched his eyes roll into the back of his head.

Who needs television… I’d rather kill every available moment I have, with this man.

He’s quiet…. I’m not.

He’s unstoppable…. and I’m eternally grateful.

Ladies & gentlemen… the myth is true. If you haven’t yet… RUN out and find your own Baby Chicken. It’s everything I imagined it would be. Burn the house down hot- sexy/funny and so intense we’re both laughing.

He is…. all hard bodied big muscle-y goodness. Perfectly aggressive… with some damn hot moves he must have learned in the military. I’m not leaving until he says I can and he’s decided I’m not going anywhere for a few hours.

You couldn’t pay me to leave. The house could burn down around the two of us and we wouldn’t notice. I have been truly satisfied for the first time- ever. Mentally, physically, sexually, emotionally. He’s just too good to be true.

I’m shaking like a leaf, falling asleep wrapped in every inch of his deliciousness and he laughs a little…

B- Jen?

J- Yeah?

B- I promise I wont pee in your bed.

J- Hah ha ha ha ha… you’re funny.

I haven’t enjoyed sleeping next to someone so much in my life. He wrapped his arms around me, bit me on the neck and whispered goodnight.

… …. ….

and woke me up 15 minutes later…

… …. ….

God bless America, Baby Jesus and everyone else… I promised I’d rock this boy’s world… but in all honesty…

I need a wheelchair this morning.

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