My dating profile…

I get a lot of requests to see my internet dating profile- so here you go.

I’m looking for the right man. Is that you? Do you do what you say you’re going to do?

Does your mom tell her friends what a great son you are? Do your kids complain that you’re too strict?

Do women tell you how good you smell and how nice it is to see a well dressed man?

Are you funny in the right moments, and sexy in the others? Are you a good ex-husband? Open to the idea of getting remarried to an amazing woman?

If you answered yes to all of the above….

Email me 🙂

I have a happy life of my own, and I’d like you to have one too. I mean what I say & I never break a promise… you should value your integrity just as much. I have two great kids that mean the world to me and my friends & family know me to be a loving & consistent mother. I would be delighted to meet someone who takes pride in his role as a father. I’m an incorrigible flirt.

I’m pretty funny… and will love it if you can make me laugh too. I always smell good- and will tell you every time how much I love your cologne. I LOVE good old fashioned manners. I’m in good shape- and you should be too, because you want to keep up with me, right? I’m a sucker for nice arms & a nice smile… and If you can dance & kiss too- I may spontaneously propose to you at some point 🙂

I pride myself on raising nice people- no brats here. I share custody with my ex-husband. I want to meet someone with the same situation. If you have a crazy ex- I hope you’re nice enough to not email me. I’m really not interested.

My favorite man is… masculine, confident, and funny…sexy, and aggressive (in the right moments). Someone comfortable with me being an independent woman- while understanding too that I get tired of being the boss in my own life and relish the idea of a man who’s in control. If you are meek, mild or timid… we’re not a match.

***I hate to have to add this… but… If you don’t have a picture, I’m going to assume you are either:
A. Married
B. Unattractive
C. Chicken
None of which interest me. If you’re taking the time to browse- have the courage to do so with your face. 🙂 Also- if you’re over the age of 50- Please. Don’t email me.

I can’t stand facial hair- no offense if you treasure your mustache/beard/goatee- it’s just not at all attractive to me.

I got an email this morning that said:

whats up! I like the profile, pretty demanding i might add!! lol Well at least you know what you want right…
Message me on my cell phone if you like but, promise not to be a cell phone stalker and contact me 99 times a day!! lol  marc

Oh Marc… If only that were true… but hey- if he’s convinced, maybe I should run with it?

Stalk him, lol… in his dreams.

3 thoughts on “My dating profile…”

    1. Yeah like we all need a ugly married chicken. No thanks. I have enough married men hitting on me, thankyouverymuch.


      It doesn’t even slow the 50+ set down though, unfortunately.

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