Someone has a serious enemy. Ouch. I’m not sure what I did to piss them off, but it must have been bad. Yikers, I’m sorry you’re so pissed off… but damn… aren’t we over 30 now? How very highschool of you.

When someone goes to all the trouble to set up a Facebook Page to hand out the URL to your blog and call you a liar? You must have ruffled a few feathers. The list of friends is what really cracks me up. They’re all people from high school. LOL.

Someone hates himself or herself, some Jenni. Aw.. that’s too bad. I’m really pretty nice. I would hope we’ve all grown up a little. I guess not.

While my initial thought was to panic and shoot myself. I’ve come to a different conclusion.

Welcome. Enjoy. Some of it sucks and some of it doesn’t. Some of it’s true and some of it isn’t. Hate me if you like. I really can’t change that.

Ultimately? I don’t care about that anymore…. and isn’t that what growing up, is? Does anyone really care that much?

Apparently they do. Enough to go to a lot of trouble.

Enough to say some pretty painful things. Some of which are true.

So enjoy- or don’t.

But at any rate.


And sheesh. Hater don’t hate!

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