My favorite new reader…

“There’s a lot of pressure to take you on a date…”

Hmmm wonder why?

It’s because he’s reading my blog…. or he read it.


Collectively he’s got a lot of my favorite things going on…

Silky bald head, he can cook… hot…. sharky… successful…funny…single…and interested 🙂

Ohhhhh Jenni….. might be in huge trouble.

He gets my new-found tattoo habit, he’s read it all…. Hell. I was eight shades of red when he walked up and told me he’d been reading all week.

He’s complementary, to the point he makes me blush.

Especially when he smiles at me and says….

“Fuck those people. Don’t be anything but proud.”


He says I intimidate him, and that he’d love to get to know me in person. Any time I said anything to him, he’d laugh and say…

A- I know… I read about it. I know all the things that you don’t like. I know I can’t send you an abbreviated text message, I know dumb doesn’t work for you. I know that you like that I can cook.

J- OMg… this is a little surreal. ha ha ha.

A- Nice ass, by the way.

Omg again. This is definitely a situation I never saw coming, but at the same time?

I’m flattered… and a little relieved, to be honest. It’s nice to have a little renewed faith in the male species.

I’m fed up with little boys. If you can’t kiss me and keep it to yourself for 5 minutes… it’s a one way ticket to Neveragainland.

I’m sick of being treated like a piece of meat. My New Years resolution was to give up men. Entirely. To embrace my lonely silky legs and adopt a few cats. Every neighborhood needs a cat lady…

Because I am, indeed, more than just a pretty face… and this man spent days reading my blog.

I’m a little mortified, totally and completely awkward about it and extremely intrigued.

Could it be? Could there actually be a man amongst all the boys surrounding me?

The best part? Ha ha ha ha haaaa…..

If that nasty jealous bitch hadn’t outed my blog with her tacky little Hatepage on Facebook?

He never would have read it.

Thanks, bitch, the fallout has all been incredibly positive… bet ya didn’t see that coming?

A- I want to help pick my name.

J- Hmm…. ok. Give me some ideas.

A- Nevermind. I want you to. That’s what makes it interesting.

So I’ll have to get to know him a little better before I name him… but I’m open to suggestions…

The funniest thing he said to me?

A- I’m not black though.

J- I noticed…. ha ha haha. You do officially know too much.

A- Is there such a thing?

Touche, my hot new reader, and thank you for the many compliments you bestowed on me… while I fought the urge to climb under the bar and hide.

It appears that being hated has a certain advantage.

At least when it comes to Mr. Mystery.

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