She Who…

Alright already, stop with the emails. I hear you. I have to be willing to own up to why I deserve “He Who”… All men want a “She Who” too.

I am She.

She who knits you hats… mittens… and cute little stuffed animals. She who makes an unholy mess in the process, and gets around to cleaning it up, though you may find bits of yarn & fabric on your socks. It’s charming, embrace the craftiness.She who would knit you an adorable elephant truck cock stocking as well. She who lives to please.

She who spends too much time writing… but would be a crazy bitch if she stopped. She who knows what you’re thinking, can finish your sentences and is quite a bit psychic. She who needs an inspired man to hold her interest.

She who’s smarter than most of the boys.

She who knows it. 🙂

She who can’t handle ignorant white trash racist homophobic people.

She who loves too much, falls too often and covers her disappointment with a sparkling happy smile, like a big red satin bow adorning her broken heart. She who’s had enough. She who believes it’s out there… and she who knows it’s not to be found amongst the boys she chases. She who KNOWS she has to stop chasing.

She who needs a 12 step program for chasing boys.

She who writes the book… and she who tattoos her liberated body. She who is learning to NOT apologize. She who has plenty to apologize for at times.

She who is contrary… and she who runs as hot and cold as she does miles on the elliptical.

She who wears lingerie, dresses & high heels to feel better. Betty Crocker in a corset. What’s not to love?

She who looooooves Coach.

She who can’t afford it.

She who has learned to accept painful criticism and let go. She who saved herself from a long horrible relationship. She who flirts too much.

She who’s good at it.

She who is tired of jealous women, whiny bitches and shit-talking enemies. She who provides them with plenty to talk about. She who could give a fuck less.


She who loves to please the worthy, treasures her friends and she who hopes they know it. She who works hard. She who loves the challenge to work harder.

She who can break a man. She who enjoys the breaking. She who searches for the man that can break her in return.

She who won’t settle for less than. She who has options. She who knows too much. She who has a hard time hiding it.

She who flirts, flaunts & teases. She who’s spent enough time in captivity. She who knows exactly what she wants.

She knows he’s out there, and she knows he’s worth waiting for… she also knows life is short and she who has offers for days…. occasionally accepts one.

She who cooks, very well. She who bakes you into a stupor… and collects proposals each year with her tarts.

She is thoughtful to a fault, remembers everyone’s favorite things, food, people, places. She wows your on your birthday, she’s the easiest to disappoint. She cries too much because she falls in love with the wrong people.

She’s funny… and will invite you to laugh at her, if you so choose. She’s wicked sexual. She sort of loves it. It’s sort of who she is. She’s pretty… and is the whole package, with an unfortunate addiction to men who don’t realize it.

She loves you, if you’re reading this. Regardless of whether you’re friend or foe. She’s happy just to arm you, because ultimately…

She loves herself first. She honors her family first. She dumps all this crap out at the end of a long hard day, because it’s what she needs.

She’s sweet, sexy, fantastically smart and vulnerable…

…and She totally deserves He Who.

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