Ice Queen

There are consequences to every action. Breaking the golden rule results in one very unpleasant thing when it comes to me.

The passive aggressive princess rears her very icy cool head.

I’m your very best friend until you betray me. Then I’m Frosty McIceland. Miss Snow Castle. The queen of everything cold and disinterested.

I don’t care what you have to say. I don’t care how you feel… go where you’d like. I won’t notice… and no, I wont be joining you.

My mom laughed when I talked to her tonight.

M- I’m working on that and you just embrace it? That’s great, ha ah haaa. Don’t you dare pull that post… especially if you aren’t going to say anything. It gets the message across loud and clear. Oh honey, I’m so sorry.

J- Getting mad serves no purpose. I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t need to suffer any sort of uncomfortable moment. I’m fine.

M- Ohhh fine. Ouch. I don’t envy anyone on the receiving end of your cold shoulder… I’m just thankful it isn’t me.

I’m sugar sweet with a steel spine. I don’t get mad. I don’t get even. I get gone. I get cold. You cease to exist in my life. I don’t have time for another pain in my ass, thanks.

Because I have amazing friends that I miss every day. I have everything in my life to have a perfect day, every day. I choose carefully what I invite into my life. I’m a classy brat. I make up for my bad taste in men when it comes to my friends. My girlfriends are top shelf women. Cream of the crop.

If you have heartache, jealousy, lies, deceit, problems, bullshit drama, etc in your hands, waiting for me to smile at you and help you out with them like I always have before?

Oh I’m sorry, Fuck you. I’m holding a cocktail, knitting, sewing something cute and pointless. Playing with my kids, serving food, holding a cute boys hand. My hands are full. You’re on your own. Fuck you very much. 🙂

See how easy it is? It’s not personal… well… yeah it is. It’s my very own, very personal way of saying you don’t get the pleasure of occupying minutes in my busy day. You burn a bridge with me and your ass is climbing your way out alone.

No I will not help you. No I will not demean myself to discuss your trashy behavior with you. It’s really very simple.

Act how you want me to treat you. If you want to earn my respect? Respect me. Treat me like the amazing friend I am and I will be there for you at a seconds notice, whenever you need me.

But shit on me and our friendship?

Oh honey… brace yourself, that’s a huge mistake.

There’s not a dick in the world worth the snowstorm.

9 thoughts on “Ice Queen

  1. Just saw this post and ‘that post’…don’t know how I missed them.
    Great reading, I’m just sorry it took losing a friend to inspire the rants. Grade A bullshit for a supposed girlfriend to fuck one of your conquests or intended conquests. I’m really sorry girlfriend.

    My favorite line “There’s not a dick in the world worth the snowstorm.”

    Classic, and classy!

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