Internet Dating, Whine/Rant

Original low!

This plentyoffish stuff is out of control. 30 a day and they are only devolving.

Jackoff69 – Wanna Skype?

Wow. I’m a little speechless at the though of him unsnapping his bib overalls. What’s with the not smiling? It makes them all look like potential rapists. I spy a mustache…. sorry.

J- No. Thanks. Helluva first email, that’s a first. 3 points for originality, take care.

Toohot4runnin- Are you an angel?

Perhaps I’m just odd, but my first thought is…

Is he threatening to shoot me out of the sky? Crazy weird to include a picture of him pointing a gun at something in the sky and that little smiley angel with wings. Funny… this guy is waving his red flags for the world to see from the very first email.

Am I an angel…. well. No. In fact a healthy argument could be made to the contrary. I’ve really thought of tattooing some wings on, but only because they’d look fantastic in a sundress all summer. I have my angelic moments.

I make a point to try… but yeah… sometimes I blow it.

No picture with the next original approach.

Zacksfans- thats rud i live with my mom i take care of her shes 81 years old. im going back to school and it saves us both money.

I assume he means rude? At any rate, if he can’t figure out that my “you can’t live with your mom” clause wouldn’t apply to someone caring for their elderly mother? He can’t keep up.

I’m copying and pasting back and forth and the chat box pops open and it’s the 62 year old creeper from last week.

Dirty old man- Hello, how are you tonight, I would like to chat.

I’m scanning the box in front of me and he continues to ask me questions.

DOM- I love your hair and your eyes.

DOM- No not a stalker.

J- Never. Ever. Goodbye.

DOM- I’m sorry to have bothered you, good evening.

This stuff is so funny I can’t delete my account. I’m bored out of my mind and buried in a million things to do. Panic just under the surface of a stronger foundation.

But I know this is guaranteed entertainment. Radio silence from the one you want to hear from… sucks. It eats away at you all day while your phone sits silently next to you. Fully charged. Ringer on high.

Stone cold silent…..argh!

Plentyoffish is plenty of free entertainment, right at your fingertips to take your mind off what’s bothering you.

You can’t make this shit up. I swear you could make a fortune if you started a business that built someone’s profile for them. There are so many hysterically funny original moments, most recently the guy who told me he’s on SSI with an under the table business selling knockoff handbags and tennis shoes.

That one is tough to beat.

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