Plenty of Sharks

One of my besties has been telling me for months to sign up on Plenty of Fish. I hate the format. It makes a graphic designer want to call every single programmer to repair the ridiculous nonsense that is their site. It’s free, you can’t complain.

Especially when they deliver beautiful black men to my inbox all week. Lord, Have Mercy….

Hot. Black. Tattooed. Biceps. Magic words.

Yes, ladies & gents…. it’s so good I don’t even have to respond to the boring white boys.

I’ve found the fish tank for me, and I have three dates next week.

Marcus on Monday, Anthony on Thursday and Maximus on Sunday.

Each one more lovely than the last. A little thugged-out here and there…… but what beats a gorgeous bald black man with HUGE arms… in a tie?

Um. Only two things. A shopping spree at Coach… and another at Tiffany & Co.

Since those are off the table? I have no choice but to date Marcus, Anthony & Max. It’s not so scary when you stack them- but I’m scared to death. It’s favorites week. The same week I’m going to see Nelly in a limo with 13 amazing women.

A week of chocolate, for little ol’ me… who is annoyed and whiny…. and all women know that chocolate is the answer for anything that ails you.

Marcus is an anesthesiologist. He’s 37, no kids, twice divorced. Not a breeder. 6’4′ and beeeeautiful. Shiny brown head, big huge arms, complete with tattoos. If he were a Ken doll I’d buy him for Barbie.

Anthony is 31, in school studying to be a Veterinarian. He has 2 kids who live in Florida. College football player…. wowzies…. you could bounce a quarter off any inch of him. Short- he’s 5’8″ but I think that means I can still wear my heels? I don’t know… he’s cute enough to wear flats.

Maximus. You certainly have a lot to do to live up to that name…. and he does not disappoint. He’s 6’3″ and looks like he could push the car home if it died. Good old fashioned ‘roids fan. Or else he’s part superhero. Conservative. Hmph. :/. 5 kids that live with him. Yeah right… I had to agree to this one purely for the story, the last thing I want in my life is a man with 5 full time children. No offense dads… but seriously. That’s a helluva lot.

Juggling text messages and thankful for the distraction….

Inspired, by chocolate.


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