Speed Dating

One of my tables tonight was a bunch of cute boys.

CB- Hi… we want you to come to speed dating on Wednesday.

J- Awww guys, I just gave up my internet dating habit. Really???

CB- Really!!! There’s beer and wine!

J- So you can get bombed if it sucks???

They’re laughing and smiling at me. Goodness. My mama told me so. She knows.

M- Honey when you’re done looking you wont be able to get them to go away.

They’re everywhere, dropping like flies… and I feel compelled to say again… for the record…

Stalking isn’t sexy.

The boys leave and I go to bus & clean the table… and find a note with my tip.

Mr. Speed Dating 208-***-****

Give me a call if you don’t feel like speed dating. If you want to check it out…

6:30 Wednesday.

How do you like them apples? I’m feeling a little too chunky for my own good and a little too smart to suffer through the daily pain of missing my Shark.

I’m going. My friend Miss NOT GOING TO GET MARRIED YET is going with me.


My favorite line of the evening?

NGTMY- I am SO there. I’m changing my name though. OK?

J- Hell yeah, can I change mine too?

Here’s to throwing in the towel with internet dating and moving on to something FAR worse…

Speed Dating.

Oh my.

Hopefully everyone survives unscathed.

Doubt it. πŸ™‚

I’m a walking billboard of false advertisement. Crazy about the wrong man and willing to die trying to convince the masses otherwise. Or at the very least? Myself.

Speed dating… um… yeah. It’s awesome blog fodder if nothing else, right?

See how much I love y’all???

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