Little Miss I Don’t Give A Fuck.

Hi!!! <wave>

A- Aren’t you worried? You don’t want people reading it? Not Facebook world” People are sharing it all over the place. I know you. You don’t want people to think less of you.

I can’t actually believe I’m having this conversation, but whatever. Stupid is what stupid does when Stupid lets stupid things fall out of his cruel mouth.

I can look at this from two sides.

1. Oh NO! What will all the people I went to high school with and their friends and family reading my blog think! Oh no! Maybe they won’t like me? Maybe they’ll talk shit about me? Maybe they’ll pass judgment? Maybe they’ll believe everything they read…. we do live in a pretty conservative area. What if they hate me. What if they badmouth me, glare at me and refuse to be my friend? What if I’m labeled. What if.

I feel all these things, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want anyone to hate me, and if they read my blog and hate me even more as a result? Well… that sucks. I don’t write to offend people, or insult anyone. Everyone has the option of reading this, yes. Is that a risk? Sure. Do people hate me for the things I say? Occasionally. Do they think it’s all true? They are occasionally pulled out of the sky as a result from my total and complete lack of a love life. There’s only one person I know that always knows when they’re purely the result of my bored imagination.

I can approach the sharing of my blog how I’ve learned to. In shame… feeling chastised… red cheeked mortification combined with random blushing every time I recall another blog post they could potentially be reading.

Like the good little housewife and mother I was for so long. Or as the dynamic woman and mother I am today.

Surprise surprise….I choose the second option.

#2 I don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks.

Love me if you want.

Hate me if you have the time. It’s a full time job to hate me, I’m pretty lucky and pretty damn nice.

I don’t have a husband and frankly, I don’t want one. Especially not if it turns me into a hateful jealous bitch. I’ve learned to rely on myself and my own abilities to make it through life and if any of you don’t approve? Well. Fuck off and go away- you don’t have to read this.

I’m too busy living my life to worry about you. I don’t care what you think. It doesn’t even make me feel bad. I’m not offended, and I love you just the same.

Someone has to be the adult, I volunteer.

I’ve had 30+ nightmare dates in the last year. I’ve seen the worst of the worst and the weirdest of the Creepers. You can’t shame me. I’ve had men with creepy feet crawling up my legs under the table, dates who got BOMBED, boys who had to be fought off. I’ve seen the worst of mankind. I’ve had a man deliver a bowl of ice cream wearing nothing but a Prince Albert, one who tried to follow me home, and one who tried to order our pizza without cheese.

I’ve met a few great guys, none of whom I was interested in. Tragic. Yes. Go ahead and call me a slut for having sex with a few of them. It’s been a blast and I’m not at all ashamed to admit it.

I’m human. Female… and in my sexual prime. I practice safe sex. I’m picky as hell and if I get any you can bet you’ll be reading about it. Go ahead and read back… it doesn’t happen so much.

I think that makes me an aspiring slut.

I work my ass off. I’m funny. I play hard. I love my friends. My friends love me. I’m thoughtful… and I’m an asshole sometimes. I say the wrong thing in the wrong moment and I make you laugh until you puke. I’m too sexy for my own good and sometimes it’s too bold. So shoot me.

Someone has to raise the bar. I grow an acre garden, I work full time. I raise kids alone. I’m an exceptional friend, daughter & sister. I’m true blue loyal and never for the moment. I listen. I help. I care. I’m top shelf girlfriend. I own my shit.

Whether you’re in my face or you’ve got my back… I’m the same person.

Because I’m Little Miss I don’t give a fuck- to the bone.

Please hate me…. it feeds my funny bone. I have FINALLY come to the point in my life that it doesn’t eat at me anymore. I’m finally at a place where I can think about it, laugh, and put the feelings down in print instead of tears.

You don’t have to like me….

Plenty of people already do.

If you love me?

Then you know I love full tilt. I remember special days. I’m thoughtful. I’m a great friend. I’m a Utah native… I have Mormon roots. I’ll take your kids when you’re sick, you can stay with me indefinitely if your marriage is rough, I am ALWAYS there.

And if you’re that guy? You are the luckiest man alive. I live to please. I don’t apologize for it anymore. I am a card carrying proud member of the Head foundation, and you should take a multiple vitamin before you approach me sexually.

I’m a proud, beautiful, responsible, loving Slut? If I must be labeled by my occasional sexual escapade.

This ain’t high school anymore… but just like back then?

The sluts are still the most popular girls and I’ve already been unpopular, go ahead.

Label me.

One thought on “Little Miss I Don’t Give A Fuck.

  1. Ana

    Awww! My friend You are the best! there is a time in life (only we can hope) people mature and realize, high school is over…Thank God! Is all being mature 🙂 Fuck them hypocrites! they are hateful because they want to be like You or because they are and they have to hide it to be accepted by empty soulless people.
    I’m proud of you! Love you

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