Lucky Me.

He grins at me, walks to the bathroom and I fall back into my pillows and laugh the same laugh I laughed in junior high when I made it on to the cheerleading squad. Sheer unadulterated joy.

Looking over the edge of the bed at his jeans on the floor… staring up at me with one simple message.

“Lucky You”


Blissed out. Grinding coffee beans. Delighting in making him breakfast.

Cracked out on being the lucky girl on the receiving end of another perfect day spent with McSteamy.

My darling roommate said it best.

E- It’s like you plucked him out of a romance novel. He’s beautiful… and he exudes sweet. He just oozes goodness.

He’s like that. He’s honest- to a fault. He smiles at me and I would liken the feeling to being on a roller coaster.

Beautiful green … or are they blue???… eyes. A pretty smile…. and oh. my. goodness…. dimples.

My very own beautiful underwear model.

All those bad dates, bought me a helluva lot of good karma, apparently.

Because he makes me laugh. He says nice things about people. He carries things for me.

McS- Let me carry that.

J- ha ha ha… I’m used to carrying things for myself.

McS- That’s weird.

He doesn’t even consider not carrying things for me as an option. He holds my fingertips in the car.

He reaches for, and holds my hand in his sleep.

We’re taking things slowly, enjoying the hell out of each other’s company… and really and truly both deserving some happiness, and some light, easy spontaneous joy.

It’s bliss in it’s purest form.

I like him.

I want him to like me as much as I like him.

I think he already does.

He left with a kiss, with plans to meet up after work… and he called within minutes of me getting off work.

I took him to my favorite beach, giggling and laughing down the path… feeling like the dorkiest 14 year old girl to ever walk the planet.

Pulling him into the river while ignoring his complaints about the cold water. Enjoying any excuse to see him with less clothes on. He’s beautiful. He’s smiling at me.

I’m infatuated to the point of mental retardation.

Pulling me in close, he whispers to me that there are kids there but he can’t help it… and kisses me quickly.

He has a faint bite mark on the right side of his neck. I’m mortified, and he notices my blush when I see it.

McS- Do you know anything about that?

J- You need one to match on the other side.

We’re laughing, my arms are around his neck and we are both present and invested in enjoying and living in the moment. This is what happy feels like.

McS- I’m hungry- are you hungry?

J- Have dinner with me. Picnic at the beach?

Caprese salad, pesto tortellini on a picnic table at the beach watching the sunset.

Absolutely the best date, ever…. and that’s the second time it’s happened with McSteamy.

It’s an early night, and I drop him off much to my grave disappointment in parting with him early… we both have a billion things to do and work early tomorrow.

He grins at me.

I blush…

McS- Maybe I’ll have to start taking vitamins since I’m hanging out with you.

J- The Mountain Dew isn’t working anymore, huh?

McS- No, it’s not, he yawns.

J- I’ll take that as a compliment.

McS- You should.

Such the perfect Sunday, such an amazing date… and such a wonderful guy.

I am thankful- it’s a nice departure from Crazytown and I appreciate every single fantastic thing about him.

I’m grateful, and so is he.

It’s a blast. He’s amazing… and we’re taking it one second at a time.

But I’m also absolutely going to break out my Lucky jeans the next time he comes over, so that he can feel as lucky as I do.

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