It’s taken me hours to put my mind back together.

I’m Discombobulated. I can’t think straight. My veins are full of liquid satisfaction and I can’t think about anything of any importance.

Chips or fries with that? is about all I have to offer society today.

I’m trying hard to not stare at every person that walks in the door.

I’m dying to see him… and I asked him to come see me at work… he said “Maybe”

We all know how well I do with maybe. Maybe means yes… or it means I’m too much of a pussy to say no.

He walks in, grinning at me. Dear God in heaven… he literally is straight off the cover of a romance novel. I’m pinching myself. This has got to be some Candid Camera stunt put in motion by my friends.

He sits down, smiles, orders a soda… and leans across the bar.

McS- You look sexy tonight.

Pig tails, tight dress, cute little apron… yeah… well…. I can’t say it’s an accident. I’m in take-no-prisoners mode. I’ve resisted the urge to call him for more than 24 hours. I’ve made leaps and bounds here. I leave nothing to chance. Honey flavored lipglossy lips determinedly grinning back at him.

He’s just beautiful. Dimpled blond sun-kissed goodness.

J- Wanna come watch a movie with me?

McS- Yes. I’d watch paint dry with you. I love hanging out with you.

I’m stunned and beet red. This is right up there with winning a million dollars.

He’s actually nice. He cracks me up, and makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe.

I’ve never enjoyed kissing someone so much in my whole life- and he kisses me constantly.

And he asks first.

Yep, that good.

J- You know what? You really blow my mind. You’re the perfect mix of sweet & naughty.

McS- It takes two, baby.

He asked me if I’d take dance classes with him. I told him I always wanted to learn to swing dance. I’m not kidding.

McS- I’m a pretty good dancer, I know all that stuff, swing, ballroom…

J- Of course you do.

I feel a little retarded. Or like maybe I’m hearing things? Maybe I bumped my head…. or maybe he did?

I’ve learned to be more guarded, and to share less. Not everyone is honest. Not everybody says what they mean and means what they say.


McSteamy does. He’s honest to a fault. He has a million secrets. He’s guarded. I understand. I feel the same way.

Getting to know him is like unwrapping the present I always wanted but didn’t think was possible.

He says things every time I’m with him that take my breath away.

He doesn’t worry about telling me how he feels about me. He doesn’t hesitate. He isn’t guarded. He trusts me.

He offers it all up to me, at face value… while smiling that beautiful dimpled grin at me… and I can only think of one thing:

Good lord I’m a lucky girl for getting to kiss that mouth.

Miss Sober One Kenobe came over for the juicy details and shook her head at me.

MSOK- I’m totally fucking him at your funeral, just so you know.

J- You’d be crazy not to.

I changed into my pajamas after work, and turned the movie Borat on. I admit… it’s one of my favorite movies…. and he started laughing…

McS- I was going to bring this over but I didn’t know how you’d feel about it, so I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t offend you first.

J- Huge favorite. I love offensive humor.

This man. That kiss. This body. That mythical Earth shattering bone crushing collision of two people who deserve every screaming second?

Yup, that’s us. I feel like an Olympic Gold medalist this morning.

I fell asleep with him holding my hands.

Swimming in adjectives…

Only to realize he talks in his sleep.

McS- You look so pretty right now, Jenni.

Holy Christ on the cross…. it has to be double points when they say your name in their sleep.

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