Some girls like flowers.

Some love candy.

Some are damn high maintenace and demand all sorts of shit.


I like words.

Let me swim in your vocabulary. Stun me with your sentence structure. Spell me into stunned silence.

Spoil me with diction.

Nothing turns me off more than horrible grammar. The prettiest boy turns ugly in a second when he tells me he “seen something” Shudder.

I’m a smart boy snob and I exploit them with adjectives- they sure as hell better be able to keep up.

There’s only one thing that tortures me more than a wordy boy…

One that can cook.

We all have daddy issues, and my Daddy can out-cook two thirds of the population.

If you use your can opener more than your knives? You’re not the one.

If you can cook me into submission AND talk to me about it intelligently?

Buckle your seat belt and take the day off because I will not be outdone and I’m a hurricane when inspired.

Mr. Professional has become quite the Mr. Captivating.

He talks foodie to me. He’s making my favorite thing for dinner while continuing to fight the good fight playing word games with me. He hasn’t beat me yet… but he might.

Flowers die… verbs are forever… and I can buy my own perfume… but I can’t make pierogies.

He can. He will…AND he’ll teach me.

Oy vey…. I’m in over my head…. while enjoying every delicious descriptive moment.

9 thoughts on “Captivated

  1. I’m a wordie too Jenni. Oh please, word the panties right off me young man, I dare you. And a foodie too. Can you cook? Can you spell? Can you speak with intelligence? Do you know how to conjugate, spell-check and kiss? Take me, I’m yours. I love words, food, and scruff. Hard to find, those three qualities together in one man. I thought I had found them some weeks back, but then he couldn’t keep up and he disappeared. I think about him almost everyday, what could have been. Oh my, the words….

    I’m excited for you Jenni…..Mr. Professional, pierogies, words…. enjoy….. and tell me more…I want to know there really are men out there that fit such a fantasy.

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  3. If only ladies would admit this more openly. Numerous times I’ve tried to mellifluously chat up a lady, only to receive the most vapid looks in return.

    Why is it the smart girls I run into always seem to be dark and brooding?

  4. Hi! I was sent here by a fellow blogger and found this interesting post.

    I wonder, though, if you overplay the appeal of vocab… Do you find you need some kind of chemistry to build on before being wooed with words? Or should the effortlessly articulate ante up?

    • Nothing charms me more than an educated and eloquent man. Nothing.

      Mr. Captivating was not textbook my type, but he won me over with words. False words, unfortunately, but I was sold after the first Words With Friends game, how ridiculous is that?

      Ante up, ante up!!! There’s such a shortage of articulate men. 🙂

      • I think I would feel more comfortable fanning out my degree certificates and looking for an appropriate alliteration than trying to win someone over just with my grin…

        For some, cooking is almost a freedom of expression, a roasted art form. For my little tribe of girls, however, it is the art of compromise; my oldest has such varied tastes that pleasing her means my youngest will instead be having a granola bar for dinner. 🙂

      • It’s really not simple. I think words hit deeper than appearance and I know personally that I value a man’s character more and more every day. Anybody can be cute to someone, but it takes an exceptional man to want to mean the world to the woman he loves.

        Amazing words backed by real intention… that’s what I want.

        How bout you?

      • Re: “…think words hit deeper than appearance..”

        I happen to agree with your premise, at least in general terms, which is why I suggested you compare my blog with my pics and decide which is most appealing. I’m not a super-stud, so it would be interesting to see if you find my words interesting. I love writing, although not necessarily about this difficult year, but my blog covers lots of stuff.

        Re: “Amazing words backed by real intention… that’s what I want”

        I’m completely in agreement with you. I couldn’t be happy with someone who didn’t love language, double meaning, word plays, and — most of all — find humor in both life and words.

        Note: I’m not saying that *I* am right for you. For one thing, I think you’re a lot younger than me, too much younger. I am more interested in seeing if your theory about the words versus appearance holds true.

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