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Can It

Sparkly pink nailed goodness is great for canning, oddly enough!

These acrylic wonders work miracles when it comes to blanching and peeling peaches.

Domesticity makes me inches off the ground happy, so the peach juice running down my arms and dripping off my elbows only makes me smile bigger.

The smell of jam boiling slowly on the stove, my favorite cherry print apron and hot canning jars in the dishwasher?

I’m in heaven. Sweet domestic bliss.

Canning is right up there with knitting. You start with the raw tools and it’s up to you what you put into it. The world is your oyster and you can have, be & do anything you wish.

Getting back to basics makes you value your skill base. It reminds you how capable you are.

Even if you fuck it up.

I had an entire batch of huckleberry jam fail last year…. so I changed the labels to say “Dessert Sauce”. Easy… and everybody loved it.

Because the reason I can and the reason I garden? Is to love the people who treasure me with the gifts I can make them from my heart. Simple homemade gifts of love.

Slicing vanilla beans in half and smiling at the tiny seeds bubbling in and around the soft sweet peaches I diced in cubes.

Foodie porn, in my kitchen, in heels even.

Baking, canning and smiling it all better.

One jar at a time.

2 thoughts on “Can It”

  1. sweet jars of goodness… I want to lay under a shade tree with you and find interesting ways to incorporate a spoon and 10 thousands smiles while wasting an afternoon… i have ideas… dammit….I should so write a book….you know no one else could play the female lead the way you could…


  2. I am a confirmed canning addict. And I think I’m down to about 10 or so quarts of peaches…. I totally missed the green chile this year. We had such a hot summer that the crop wasn’t as big as usual. I think we had maybe 2 weeks this year- last year it went on for a good month, so I was waiting. Good thing I have a gazillion left! I think I may be up for some chicken stock again soon, since the bones are in the freezer…..

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