Down memory lane…

He came walking in about a half hour before I got off work. Smiling, blonde and beautiful… in a suit.


I admit. I have a weakness. If you can tie your own tie, the chance of you tying me up increases exponentially.

A man in dress shoes… makes me blush.

I grew up in Hippieville… I remember the few times I saw a man in a suit and I’ve always been a fan. Give me a clean cut man with a silky soft beautiful neck above his collar? Dear God…

Who need diamonds at that point…???

Not I…

So Mr. Pin Stripe walked in and sat down, smiling. head tilted slightly back. Sharky… I know it when I see it.

P- I’d like a blonde… or your lightest…

Told ya so.

He leaned across me at nearly 6’5″ to put the aprons in my menus….

I mean….


That’s what it was like.

He leaned over me, his necklace fell an inch above my lips and I was enveloped by his cologne…

I sat back on the table behind me and he leaned in…

Good God and Baby Jesus there is nothing better than a good smelling man. Seriously.


I laughed and smacked him in the shoulder.

J- Damn you, my boyfriend is out of town, don’t torture your sweet server. Be nice.

P- I’d love to be nice…. out of town huh? What time are you off work?

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back, smile… and laugh a little at how easy it can be. I spent years frustrated. I spent years unsatisfied.

and now it’s as easy as ordering off a menu and I don’t want it.

I only want one… and nothing else will do.

I can be charming. I’m a flirt. I’m funny, and I’ll make you want to smile along with me. Trust me. I know this about myself.

I’m the insatiable optimistic sister. Smart enough to know better and old enough to recognize real love. Lethal combo if you ask me…

I went on blind dates with my friends loser single friends. Ugh…. I’ll forever remain on three holiday cookie lists purely due to the aftermath of the blind dates they set me up on. Ugh. If you wouldn’t date him yourself, don’t set your dear girlfriend up with him. Seriously. There’s a reason I’ve never set a friend up with a guy. If he’s cool- then I probably wanted to date him myself and if he’s not then I don’t want either of us to waste our time.

I want all of my darling favorite women to find their “lobster”….

because I found mine….

4 thoughts on “Down memory lane…

    • Awww. Good on ya… nothing is better than a man dressed in clothes I can’t wear….but can make look a million times better.

      I kill a dress shirt. I love cuff links… all those inherently male clothing items that we don’t really get to play with? Yeah… that’s my weakness.

      My boyfriend mentions his dry cleaning and I’m struck speechless… and don’t even get me started on the artificially scented men in menswear… holy shit I’m dead in the water with those boys. lol…

    • Oh where to start….

      1. Stop being jealous. Just because I like him better than you doesn’t mean you’re a bad person… just that you’re not as cool as him. Relax. Most people aren’t as cool as him.

      2. Could you honestly believe I’d love a man who couldn’t tie a tie? Come on… keep up. There’s not a biz-dork in the world that’d change my mind.


      3. It’s incredibly insensitive for you to call me Natalee. I have a daughter. I love her dearly. If something so horrible happened to her as what happened to Natalee Holloway, I would slit the throat of any stupid jealous jerk who used her name as a nickname to threaten a friend. Not cool and way beyond politically incorrect.

      Suck it up and support me- I’m going…. whether you like it or not.

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