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The wordy men I love…

Blogging has renewed my faith in myself, and more importantly? In men.

Too many bad boyfriends. I really didn’t have any interest in considering them as people. I really didn’t believe in men at all any more.

Then I started reading… and realized we’re really as similar as we are different. Men are all in the same boat with us, with different pressures we can’t understand fully- and vice versa.

Confessions from the center of the universe. I love a beautiful bald man- and this blogger is no exception. His blog is funny and heartbreaking at times. He’s an amazing man and a cool dad… and a talented artist. He’s a good one- and a solid reminder that they do, indeed, exist.

Four is a Family. I have so much love and respect for this man and so will you. He’s doing the dad thing with three daughters alone and it’s just heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. I have a horrible father- and this is the guy I always envisioned a dad being like- and more. Enjoy & be inspired- it’s a great feeling to have.

The Deliberate Agrarian. My farmer crush. This man is raising a family and a farm and meat animals and you name it. He’s my farm God… and just such a good person it’s delightful to see him really do it all.

Your Pal Jason. Absolutely the funniest blog I’ve ever read. I’d like to think I’m pretty funny- and I don’t like stupid or slapstick humor… you have to actually BE funny to make me laugh… and he makes me cry with laughter. I wish he just sat around and wrote all day- because I haunt his blog for new stuff daily 🙂

Zendictive. Absolutely scrumptious words. Great stories and consistently uplifting.

Wordy men are where it’s at. Trust me on this if you never believe another thing I say- if he can win your heart with the words coming straight from his? You’re on the path to happily ever after.

It’s when we have to second guess their feelings or beliefs or even wonder if they have EITHER. That’s what turns an otherwise normal woman into a crazy jealous bitch.

When he’s armed with words… and real intention behind them? He’s a walking deadly weapon. Integrity is irresistible and reassuring.

Enjoy my favorite wordy guys, and renew a little of your faith too if you’ve found yourself disenchanted by the opposite sex. The good ones really do exist.


16 thoughts on “The wordy men I love…”

    1. Touche, dirbblingpensioner!

      Thank you so much, Jenni, for sharing these blogs by men. What a great idea! I completely agree: Wordy men are where it’s at. Articulate, witty, adept at expressing their emotions and not afraid to do so… ahhhh…. such a turn-on.

      And by the way, you ARE funny!

    2. I love one man… yes.

      But to be completely honest, if it didn’t work out with him I probably would get a girlfriend… purely because I don’t think there’s another man alive that could compare to him.

      I’m ruined for douche bags, permanently… lol 🙂

    1. Start with Your Pal Jason- seriously it’s soooo funny…

      Love SD and… well…once you’ve read T… the rest pale in comparison (sorry guys- but every girl has to have a favorite). Thank you- and happy reading, they’re all wonderful!

      1. Oh Lordy Jenni, you are so right about Jason, made my night, except I peed my pants a little and had to go change. After the third time, I gave up for the night.

      2. I love that man- he is so damn funny! I could read about those crazy neighbors of his every day and still laugh until tears roll down my cheeks.

    2. Aw thanks! Confessions from the center of the universe is a big favorite of mine too. I love his writing and the man is just… well… delicious. Enjoy!

  1. Once again, thank you! You’re awesome! I’ll have to check all these other dudes out too! I’m sorry your stalking has been unrewarded lately but it’s coming. Soon, I promise.

    1. I’ve learned to relate to the people that hound me to blog. I used to really hate them, and pray for them to get lives of their own…
      … … …
      and then I found your blog… and it absolutely kills me. I still laugh like hell over the neighbor who ruined Christmas. I think I always will. You are hilarious- keep writing!

      Like right now. lol…

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