Another Beautiful Day In Chaos

sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't…

A real Man.

Every once in a while, you come across a man that reminds you why it’s worth it. A shining example of a guy who does what he says he’s going to do or dies trying. Faithful, honest and funny, he makes the other guys look bad just standing still.

He’s my best friend’s boyfriend and in honor of his birthday, I’m outing him for being a fabulous enough example that he gives me faith on a week I shouldn’t have any left.

She met him a year ago (or so) and after ten minutes with the two of them you can’t imagine one without the other. She steals the bread off his plate and he steals it back and licks the whole thing. She laughs and steals it back. He’s confident enough to baby talk to her in front of anyone.

R- I love you sho, sho….

C- Sho, sho?

Yeah… sickening and fabulous all at the same time. It’s quite a bit priceless.

He’s one of those real men. Complete with the commercial fishing career. He’s hot as hell, sweet as sugar and the most confident man I’ve ever met. He walks beside her, with his hand on her back or wrapped around hers. He’d flatten anyone for disrespecting her AND he doesn’t mind hanging out with her friends.

He dances with us… (and he might kill me… but it’s just too good not to share)

He’s taken a pretty serious ration of shit for it from his buddies, but in my not so humble opinion, this is the guy we all hope our boyfriend/husband is like. He’ll make you laugh till you cry, protect you with his whole soul and throw down with a little Katy Perry…

Robby Meyer, well done my friend… you give me faith that there are good men in the world, and that when you meet one it’s pretty obvious right off the bat.

He doesn’t have to lie, because he’s living a life he respects and believes in. He doesn’t have to cheat, because he cares about the value of his love and his word. He doesn’t have to, because he doesn’t want to be anything less than everything to my dear friend.

THAT right there- is a real man.

Way to go, Mr. Man Card, and Happy Birthday 🙂

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7 replies

  1. Oh….gosh….how adorable…..LOVE IT! Both great dancers, but the girl seemed to use an economy of motion, while he was ALL IN from head to toes! FABULOUS! I love a dude who can groove, lol.

    • Being around couples that got it right is so inspiring and reassuring. Even when what they have isn’t what I want, it’s so great to see. And when it IS what I want, it’s even better.

      I don’t have a lot of those people in close distance right now and it’s bumming me out. I need that to replenish my hope barrel…. Glad you have it so close.

      • They’re so much fun- and so funny. Divinely REAL and they make you smile just to see that you really can have that kind of guy and he can still be cool and interesting, not “too nice” or boring. He came up and hugged me last night and said

        R- Nice guys do exist and I’m gonna help you find one.

        Awww Robby… my very own match maker. lol.

      • I hope he does, Jenni. Seriously, I hope for that. 🙂

  2. Ha ha – he just might kill you, yes! But that video was great. Just great. What a wonderful man. Ah, sighhhh 🙂


  1. Ask & you shall receive… – Another beautiful day in chaos

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