Guido Baby…

I’ve been bored with my current selection of internet weirdos. They’re all sort of normal. Hmph.

I didn’t check my email until just now… and we have a winner.

Ok so he’s only 21… but he’s a self proclaimed die hard fan of Jersey Shore. <obviously>

He’s looking for his Snookie… and just think…

I could dress up. !!! Crazy internet date + costume= Awesome!!!!!!!

Then I read his email, which only sealed his fate as my next literary lesson in why internet dating is just about as close to hell as you can get without dying.

Dear J,

when ur finished hanging out with Stacy’s Mom, u should strut that bombshell body on up my way. Thurs good 4 u?


Oh my yes, Paulie… I wouldn’t miss it for the world…


Wardrobe suggestions, anyone?