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All Tied Up.

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In a neat little black bow.

It’s been another eventful weekend of Thomas’s skeletons working as a team to get out of his closet.

My favorite line lately?

“I googled him and your blog came up”

Weird… Perhaps I should make a little group for him and Nathan? Matching t-shirts perhaps? Trendy rubber wrist bands that remind them not to be douche bags?

Doesn’t castration sound so much more effective?

At any rate… I finally got really mad about it this morning.

I fell in love with this man. I risked my safety and my heart and flew 4,000 miles on faith created by him. He read my blog for a year. He studied the details and he became everything I wanted right in front of me.

For a minute, anyway…. because when you’re living a lie, it can’t hold up to scrutiny and truth. I’m tenacious. I’m smart. I ask a lot of questions and I remember every single thing you say. I may not say anything when I realize someone has been lying- but I always know.

I realized immediately that he drinks to the point he blacks out, every night. Yikes. I realized every morning that he didn’t remember what he’d said and done and he was back to his sweet doting nature. Ish. He had a criticism for every sentence and it got old, fast. Sahara hot and Arctic cold… he kept me in a constant state of feeling like he loved me completely while being disappointed in me? Odd, to be honest… and I never took it to heart until he started to get really angry with me.

Drunk, he’s your worst nightmare. He’s rude and insolent. He’s childish and disrespectful. He hits on other women, he’s pissy and acts like a spoiled frat boy. He’s worth avoiding until he’s passed out because he’s arrogant and rough otherwise. This whole Tommy persona is nothing but delusional bullshit. He’s your garden variety asshole drunk. He’s insulated by money or his over-inflated ego- either way- he’s only a danger to himself.

Want to get rid of him? Give him too much to drink and let him go. He’s his own worst enemy and nothing you could say about him will compare to the ass he’ll make of himself. Facilitate and step back.

This post has a list of blogs regarding Thomas and with comments from the big bad wolf himself.

The Devil Is In The Details

I was stunned when we got back from our trip to Puerto Rico together and he deleted his blog? All of his actions at that point were so bizarre I didn’t know what to think. He was furious at me? I was sick. He was a different person. I tried calling him and he never answered. He sent me IM’s every morning beginning at 3 AM my time… I was exhausted and not sleeping. Totally confused and constantly apologizing to him… but he only got worse. My friends made me block him and it fell to silence… which was even harder.

Until women started to email me. Many, many women. 17 total… with 5 of them/us having had an actual relationship with him.

So I wrote…

Puerto Rico, Part 1

Puerto Rico, Part 2

Puerto Rico, Part 3

Puerto Rico, Part 4

Truth And All It’s Trappings

Picking Up The Pieces

Like There Was Any Doubt


His Fatal Error

Nothing But The Best For You, My T.

Thomas J. Murray, will you please GO NOW!

and other people also wrote…

Thomas Murray (Virgin Islands) – BEWARE

Thomas Murray, A Cautionary Tale

A Quick Update and Warning for the Ladies

Predator Alert

Bastard Warning

And on and on… the number keeps climbing.

Well, good. Everyone deserves to know the truth about this modern day charlatan.

I’ve always been told revenge is a dish better eaten cold, and they’re right… it’s downright delicious.

One woman canceled her trip to see him in Puerto Rico after finding my blog. A beautiful black woman- heading for a weekend with a man who was openly racist in my presence. That still just nauseates me.

It’s at that point I wonder if anything he said to me was true? Some women have emailed me to say they talked to him about the chateau he was building in France. One was dating him until he was sent to the Middle East to “Stop bad people from doing bad things” coincidentally the same year he moved to the Virgin Islands. He actually talked to her after he was “relocated” and he tried to keep things going but eventually the distance just wasn’t worth it.

Everyone heard a different story about the kids- but out of respect for the innocent victims in all this, I will not discuss any of it. Suffice it to say he’ll never qualify for Father of the Year.

Nor husband of the year… boyfriend of the year… etc… and after this fiasco? Never a viable political candidate, something he cried about to me.

Sorry Tommy Boy… your days in politics are over before they began. Yes they’re all liars, and yes they all cheat… but you qualify as a Lifetime Movie Special…

You make politicians look honest- and those dudes hide babies & bodies.

Your days as a con-artist are pretty limited too at this point.

You’re all tied up by the words you inspired, by the words you spoke and by the words you recycled that we’ve shared.

A bad situation, all tied up in a bow of poetic justice. The manipulative wordy snake, silenced by his own tongue. I don’t doubt he’ll be back. I don’t doubt he’ll continue his whole Puerto Rico thing. It works for him, apparently. Nevermind the rest of his shenanigans and the girlfriends he has scattered far and wide. This man deserves a scarlet letter tattooed on his forehead to forewarn his star-crossed victims.

His excuse is that he doesn’t do anything wrong. He’s in love with the feeling of being adored and of being in love. He was juggling a dozen + of us while I was in Puerto Rico with him. That’s malicious. If he’d given us all the option of agreeing to such a situation, none of us would have agreed, so he lied. That’s the definition of premeditated. He’s a harmful sociopath that deserves the shame that will follow him for the heartache and destruction he’s caused.

We’re planning a ladies trip to The Virgin Islands this fall. Anyone who’d like to join our little trip is welcome, I’ll keep you posted on dates. I read one last text from him before I erased the entire phone.

“Too bad you’ve made St. Thomas an unwelcome place for you and your daughter” and a picture of the ocean from his boat.

Bet me. I’ll enjoy every moment of my time on the island, and I hope like hell I run into him like he came up to me the day my flight was leaving, to tell me how much I’d broken his heart. I want to smile at him. I want to bat my eyelashes bite my lip… then I want to laugh…. right in his face… while I detail for him verbally, publicly, the truth about himself. Surrounded by people who really love me, after he told me I’d never know love like his again.

This man is a disease and a plague and if you are dating him, have dated him or have been on a fun filled 4 day trip to Puerto Rico, email me.

You’re actually part of a pretty cool bunch of women.

Hell… I think it’s high time we made ourselves a t-shirt…

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  1. THIS is AWESOME! I think you should stay at Casa de Douchebagastan. You have his address so running into him should be fairly easy. Jenni, for your sake, I hope you NEVER find love like his 🙂

  2. Love it! A t-shirt would be too funny! He totally soured me on the idea of going to the Virgin Islands, but I hear St. Thomas isn’t to be missed even if it is inhabited by a drunk, insolent, racist douche.

  3. If I was single, I’d SO be there………… we’d have to get out and do some running, too, so we could catch him on his 7, er, 8- er, 10, er whatever mile runs.

    I just find the whole thing sad (not you, Jenni, but him); I really do pity a person when they don’t have the capacity to pull themselves together. What a sad, sorry place of self-loathing he obviously lives in……….

    Plus, he thinks he’s totally justified, because he’s told all of his marks he’s a pirate, right, and that he’s everything that goes with that. Honestly, I think most of what goes with that is the pathetically drunk alcoholic part, and clearly, that’s feeding his delusion……..

    Most of all, I feel the sorriest for his wife and kids who are bound by ties that aren’t as easily gotten rid of.

    • Well said, Tikk. But remember, he also isn’t blame because it was all Cylie Jo’s fault for breaking his heart and turning him into a “pirate.” I mean, really, what a bitch she must be for not wanting to carry on with a lying, manipulating, married man. Sheesh! Let’s hope SHE never finds a love like his again either!

      Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wash my hands. Even just typing about Thomas makes me feel all icky…. 😛

  4. Keep me posted on the trip details and I’ll see if it’s in the budget to come along for the adventure 🙂

  5. Jenni…I think you should make all the posts about the upcoming trip “password protected”. Have the girls email you for the password. You don’t really want to give him the heads up on when you will all be descending on his island…after all, where’s the fun in that? Keep the element of surprise in your back pocket. 😉

    • I don’t know if I really want to go there. I hate to give him any glory or the pleasure of seeing all of us again… though the thought of a picture of all of us in numbered jerseys, grinning all together at his favorite bar? Now that’s funny. I really don’t care if he’s there or not- and with an ego as big as his? He wouldn’t miss it.

      He’s a sociopath. He can’t avoid the spotlight even if there are 19 angry women pointing one at him.


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