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Struck down by his own ego…

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It’s really amazing what you can find with Google.

I found the mysterious Cylie this morning… <snicker> and lo and behold… I found the copyright site Thomas used to protect his entries from January and February- you can find them HERE.

All you have to do is click on the “show blog entry text” link and you can read all of his entries for January, and the 4 he wrote in February.

This is the one he wrote two days before my flight left for Puerto Rico… he even called to wake me up and read it to me after he’d teased me that I need a tattoo that says “Sublime”

Awww, Thomas… I’d say you shouldn’t have… but I’m rather fond of hanging you with your own words at this point.

Better Than Chocolate

Sometimes it’s just about having a truly random post…and this is mine…spilled without an edit…but with a great attitude and I hope it rubs off on your day…
This is what is delighting my ears as I strike a few words across your thoughts :

It is the way to make so many of you weak… chocolate… no worries, I am among you…  I thought about today’s post knowing that we’re all weak for something.  Most of those things are soulfilled…heartfelt…and sometimes a bit painful, yet we are weak…  I embrace portions of what I’m really weak to…
It’s no secret what a good girl can do to me… buckle my knees… her lady-like manners and attention to how she presents herself and the pride she takes in presenting herself in public is the first downfall.  Knowing that it’s a strength of hers and the ability which is ingrained in her thoughts from a young age… personal pride…not pride built into her reactions.  She’s careful…hopeful of how she plows her path.
People ask me what my preference in women are…I’m quick to respond, ” I don’t date women”.  You’ll notice that I refer to all ladies as girls…it’s a term of endearment although some ladies don’t prefer the term, I mean it in the best of ways…  when it comes down to it, we’re all young-at-heart and some of us refuse to grow up.
Today I feel sublime…I feel like I’ve been eating dark chocolate and my tummy is so thrilled for it…  I’m not sure why I feel so at ease, but I’ll have you know I’m strictly low carb and have been for a while…no chocolate…yet I feel that beautiful aftertaste motivating me in good ways…  it’s late and the trade winds are very cool tonight…  my legs are ready already for the next run…
I’m in the most terrific of moods…  all from thoughts about the evening spent thinking of friends visiting soon…and the opportunities that I’ll create tomorrow…
I hope you create a few for you…
Oh if your were hoping for a little bit more with your day, then listen here… inspiration…

Sublime? Why yes, thank you. Yes I am. Sublimely smart and sublimely intuitive. Sublimely tenacious, with his balls in my right hand.

All that chocolate must have gone to his head… you have to be crazy to leave your balls behind.

You have to be straight bat-shit insane to fuck with the whole blogosphere. I’ve teased the morons I’ve dated who read my blog, THEN treat me like shit. Honey… if you have a written example of what is going to happen to you if you’re a douche bag- how bout avoid the one with a thousand-word-a-day platform.

Set that lovely hive down and walk away slowly.

I bite. I sting… and more importantly? I’m holding your balls… so you should be able to feel me shake my finger at you…

Consider my blog the closest thing to a vaccine for douche bags that I can muster up. If they ignore the writing on the screen in front of them? They’re doomed to be the next up for sacrifice.

It’s like the food chain… only funnier. It’s like a stoning… with words.

Ohhhhh Thomas…

These words are equally as intoxicating as when you gave me permission to write about you, carefully.

Yeah you broke my heart, though it may be a bit of my own fault too. When it came to packing I didn’t have room for my common sense. Only faith, hope and love fit in my bulging suitcase.

Newsflash: Money can’t buy class, self-respect or ME, and I’d rather count orgasms than dollars.  I’d rather giggle over a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese with a man who can’t remember my name, any day.

Who am I kidding…they never forget my name. Whether it’s looking back fondly or cursing my existence… they always remember what they were screaming before they really felt like yelling.

Consider me your very own Make-A-Wish trip. Yeah you got to pay for my ticket, but you aren’t actually dying <yet> and it’s high time someone taught you to be a gentleman. I’ve talked to more than a few women who you asked to pay for lunch/dinner/drinks.

Silly old man… we like to offer… but we make fun of you if you ask us to. Gentleman 101, go back to school asshole- it’s never too late for an old dog to learn that trick.

Not to be redundant, but let me pass on a little advice I learned in Puerto Rico.

Caminar con el diablo or… “You walk with the devil”

Take note, you lying, cheating, sack of trash… your shit is about to blow sky high…nationwide media style 🙂

and you can’t say that sweet little homeless man you were so rude to, didn’t try to warn you.

He told you that you were walking with the devil… your ego just got the best of yourself and you thought he was talking about you.


A little advice?

You’d do better to swim out to sea and donate your carcass to the food chain than you would to try to dig your way out of the mess you’ve landed in.

But… here… borrow my shovel.

It turns me on to watch you dig.

My favorite picture from the whole trip… because I look as stupid as I feel over the whole thing. Laying in the sand with my “Pirate” stupid in love and wondering how in the hell I got to where I knew I actually was…

Knowing in the pit of my stomach that he wasn’t what he said he was…just ten minutes after this picture was taken.

He’s a good liar… but he has no stamina. He can tell you what you want to hear… but ultimately we all want to know the truth at some point, and he tells so many lies he never really knows what that is.

He’s a victim of his own arrogance, and a hostage to his own ego. Poor Thomas… beat by a girl… lol 🙂

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  1. This just gets better! Invite Cylie Jo to the party 🙂

    • Ooooo! Yes, do, do!!! I’m sure she and her new hubby would love to come! 🙂 I’m glad you found her. I saw photos and read about her on his earlier blog (before Morning Wood), but didn’t get enough info to track her down. Once again, well done, Jenni! 🙂

  2. What a douche. Seriously.
    Be careful, he may sue you for copyright! 😛 LOL
    Keep fighting, he deserves all the shit he gets.
    xo – S.

  3. Hey Jenni, I nominated you for a blogger award. 🙂 More details:

    Kinda got me thinkin’ about awards and clubs… maybe we should start a Thomas Murray blogger award to recognize the women who’ve wasted time on his sorry ass. For the banner image, I vote for the photo you have of him winking. Priceless…. 😀

    Be well,


    • I am so touched. Wow.

      Is that the most priceless picture, or what? I have more… lol… but I sure wish I’d taken his advice and taken a zillion more than I did.

  4. “Silly old man… we like to offer… but we make fun of you if you ask us to. Gentleman 101, go back to school asshole- it’s never too late for an old dog to learn that trick.”

    Love it, but seriously, I don’t think he’ll learn a thing. It’s too late for him. His “way” is too deeply ingrained.

  5. And OHMYGOD I’m sick of looking at pictures of his ugly face. But I understand their purpose. Write away Jenni. Do what you must. He deserves everything bad that will ever happen to him for the rest of his life.

    • I know the pictures piss him off more than anything because they eliminate any success his skilled lying may achieve. Pictures make it count, lol 🙂

  6. Okay, I got bored on a conference call at work and read his last post in February. Ugh. I swear I think my lunch is going to revisit my mouth. Gross. Gross. And more gross.

    And I mean him, not my lunch.


    • I started to read the January blog of his and the pretentious wording made me gag too.

      Jenni, I’d like the dates for your trip; sounds like some fun. I went to St. Thomas last year and stayed with him at the “compound”. I was underwhelmed by it, but being on an island is nice. Have spent the last year trying to discern fact from fiction. This has all been incredibly enlightening. Best part is the quality of company that I keep with these lovely women. Kudos to you!

      • I love you, dear friend- if nothing else, he’s given me an amazing bunch of new girlfriends. ♥ I was in Puerto Rico from February 2-6th.

        The funniest thing is that I’ve dated more than my share of rich boys. I don’t like them. I like a man that can get his hands dirty and I like a guy that doesn’t mind ruining his manicure. I’m not a fan of the die-hard metrosexual… he has to be a Dude too. He has to change oil and stuff. Shave and kiss me with silky man-face. Sigh… but know how to fix things too. It’s his job.

        I’m sorry you went there, and I’m sorry he compromised you by letting you. He’s a douche bag and the best thing that came from him is the lifelong bond of real friendship. Screw Thomas- better yet? Don’t. Let him approach a 6′ blonde girl while we enjoy a cocktail, point & laugh. 🙂 We’ll offer her a t-shirt and be able to point at him as he slinks out of the bar.

        Poor, poor Thomas. ha haaa haa ha.

        He read for a year. He knew what he was up against. He wrote about the verbal hammers I threw at the deserving. I suppose he never thought that may mean HIM at some point.

        Surprise… or Happy Belated Birthday? He’s just a jerk… 😦 That’s all the recognition he deserves.

      • R. –

        I have a friend who sings Schoolhouse Rock songs when discussing his blog and his excessive use of adjectives. We joked about doing a blog where it was just taking his posts and diagramming sentences. LOL. Discerning fact from fiction is getting easier… name, location, vital stats, marriage are facts. Everything else out of his mouth or written in an email about how amazing he treats women and probably 90% of stuff he says he does is fiction. The one thing wrote thats not a lie? whenever he told any of us how amazing we are… that’s the truth from what I’ve seen!

      • I have to admit, Conjunction Junction still runs through my mind when I think of Schoolhouse Rock.

        We are a hot bunch, that’s for sure… the million dollar question????

        WTF were WE thinking?


        T-shirts. Better yet, jerseys with numbers… although I think instead of a number one, I want “Ground Zero” on mine- just to remind him who brought his house of cards down.

    • Hindsight… huh? I read them and laughed. I certainly was at a low point when I fell for such obvious bullshit.

      • Which was exactly why he struck when he did, right? He’d been watching you for so long… but when did he finally go with the hard sell? When you’d been beaten down…. That’s the part that makes me keep watching him. He’s a predator, plain and simple.

      • A whole year of being pursued by him, constant emails, constant IM’s, constant text messages. I kind of hate my silent phone after him, but if anything it reminds me how diligent he was in getting me to agree. I didn’t even respond to the first dozen emails he sent me- so he blogged about me. “Vacationville and the book I can’t put down” with an invitation to St. Thomas. I so wish I could send his wife the whole thing- damn that copyright site for only having a few, lol.

  7. He sounds so much like my ex-husband. In fact, when I first heard of him on the blogosphere, I had to find a picture to verify that he wasn’t my “T.” Different man, same morals.

  8. I keep wondering when I’m going to have use for all those old emails and IMs… I’ll bet that, at some point, they will come in handy. 🙂

  9. Someone found my Thomas posts today by googling “Thomas Murray, Sociopath.”

    I’d say that about sums it all up, wouldn’t you? 😀

    • LMAO!!!!

      Ok I wasn’t going to share but now I can’t resist… My funniest search terms today related to Thomas are:

      Big penis douche bag Thomas J Murray
      Ohjenni bitch slap Thomas


      • Oh my God, stop! You’re killing me! I don’t know which is funnier!

        Clearly someone is a mite bit angry with our little Tommy boy….. What a shame.

        Btw, when the movie version of all this comes out, I’d like to nominate Julia Roberts to play me. Ya know, just a suggestion. I see Reese Witherspoon as Jenni. 😉

      • Awww I love Reese Witherspoon. My daughter might think I’m cool again if that happened, lol 🙂

        I woke up to 125 hits already at 6 this morning and had to laugh again when I saw how people had found me this morning…

        Thomas Murray, Cheater

        Thomas Jenni Porta Rico Liar

        and my favorite?

        Thomas J. Murray phony pirate part time skank

  10. Pingback: Thomas Murray (Virgin Islands) – BEWARE | Four is a Family

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