For blogging…. regardless of the lame canned excuse I was given, what it boils down to is that the Cunt I’ve had to work under for the past two years played her trump card. She’s known about my blog since I started- and I’ve had to sit on my hands and bite my tongue.

Blah, blah, blah… type, type, type… guess who’s hands are free and whose mouth is open?

Not a good thing when you’re running a business in a glass house.

If they were going to fire everyone that hated her, they’d have to restaff the entire restaurant.

“She’s like the mother of this place” was the line I got.

No. She’s the red-headed step-child we all had crammed down our throats while making a 5th of what she makes an hour. Ever heard of someone making manager wages, writing the schedule, working the best shifts and smoking a half a pack of cigarettes on every 4 hour shift?

I know one.

I called in sick once in 2 years and she had to cover for me on her day off. She had the balls to tell the customers I was sick with a hangover. They told me, saying “She’s such a bitch, why on earth does she work here?”

Good question.

One time in two years I told her I was in the weeds and she flipped out. I’ve never said it since because she’s hostile and will throw something in your face so many times you want to snap.

She’s the server that makes the bussers cry on shift. People complain about her online and to the rest of us.

She’s a walking criticizing hypocritical nightmare- one that I woke up from today and finally realize what a blessing in disguise this is.

I never have to listen to her bullshit again. I never have to acknowledge her ever again and I can wash my hands of the worst human I’ve ever met. I never have to dread walking in to find that she’s covering someone I work with, and I never have to give up shifts to avoid having to work with her again.

I wake up my same self, with a happy heart and a bright future.

She wakes up as Miss Cunt Bag- yet again. She’s facing the same day she’s faced for years. Lonely & alone and destined to stay that way because it’d take a damn fool to sign on to that nightmare.

All in all- I’ll miss my job because I truly liked one of my bosses and all the rest of my co-workers. They’re like an extended family to me…. but.

I’m a single mom, and they fired me without a seconds notice at the first of the month and with no regard to me, based on the fact I didn’t apologize and didn’t take down my blog.

They ushered me in and out with as few words as possible and I saw the writing on the wall…

They’re scared of me. It has everything to do with my blog and nothing to do with my performance- with the text messages to prove it.

This audience is too broad and what I say here- counts. They could silence me and make me endure all the torment that Cunt can dish out while I was working- but they can’t take my freedom of speech away.

Or freedom to blog.

And like I say with any guy I’ve dated- and about the real assholes in my life… if you’re afraid of my blog then you know you’re doing a shitty job.

If you’re afraid of truth, you’re not living it… and if you’re afraid of what I might say? Perhaps you should be more concerned with how you treat people.

When you’re kind and friendly- that’s all people can say about you. The same is true when you’re an asshole.

It’s going to be an interesting day, to say the least. I’ve never filed for unemployment before- I’ve never been fired for that matter.

Cheers… to the future and to never having to take a single ounce of shit from that wretched Cunt, ever again.


20 thoughts on “Fired

  1. Jeez. We have never met and I’ve not been reading long but I have figured out “Don’t fuck with Jenni.” when will people learn? 😉

  2. This particular blessing doesn’t seem to be “in disguise” at all. She sounds horrible…and I’m sure it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we’ll be reading in the coming days. Maybe this will be the catalyst for something great…like…I dunno…putting together a book to submit to publishers?? 🙂 I’d buy it.

    • I found the writing I’d done about falling in love with Thomas, etc… and laughed when I saw I’d titled it “Finding Thomas” lol… I think I may leave it…

      It’s the one-step-in-front-of-another nerves of wondering if anyone would read it, so thank you- I appreciate the encouragement!

      • Maybe if you re-title the book…”Finding Out Thomas”…you know, finding out he was a dick…finding out he was racist…finding out he was married…etc, etc.

        You just might have a best-seller! Lol.

  3. I grew up in Australia and have colorful language but you have managed to use the ‘C-word’ more in one posting than I do in a decade. I think that speaks not to salty language but to the depths of feeling you have for the dummy who fired you (or got you fired). It sounds like she is going to regret this. Big. Time.

    Especially when you discover the wonderful concept of Wrongful Termination and realize you can sue. The tales that will follow will keep so many onlookers enthralled… 🙂 Good luck!

    • It’s not a word I use, so yes- it should convey the frustration and returned hostility at this point. Beyond that, I’m done with the whole nightmare. I don’t want to hash it out and make the rest of you suffer through the ugliness of it all. Suffice it to say it’s cost me my job, a family relationship AND my financial stability for the interim. It seems like that’s a high enough price.

      I really loved my job with the exception of her, and ranting isn’t going to fix what’s broken.

      Getting a new job with people I love and for people that appreciate my hard work? Now that’s worth rambling on and on about. 🙂

    • The worst. Please don’t Yelp unfairly though- that really sits in heart of any server and I wouldn’t want anyone to be malicious about it. She already has enough bad comments from customers who had a bad experience with her. I appreciate your bad experience with her, but honestly- they don’t ever do anything about it anyway so it really makes no difference.

      Honestly I can’t imagine taking my bad attitude to the point I ruined someone’s meal. I’ve had customers be rude to me, and just unpleasant in general, but I’ve NEVER had one complain about me, and on a public forum that can’t be removed? That would kill me as a server and especially as the owner. They really don’t care- but I do. Use Yelp carefully- it can’t be removed once you add it and when you work in the service industry, criticism really stings.

  4. 😦 Or maybe not. You’ve written about finding another job, so it looks like you have the opportunity now all while getting unemployment. And you may have grounds for a lawsuit (particularly if that put it in writing just like that). You haven’t named names, including hers or the establishment. I think you might have grounds……. Keep us posted!

    Looks like a window opened for you, at least.

    • I’ve always been very careful, and very respectful when posting anything regarding work- I was self employed for 10 years, I know what I’d want to see from my employee, and I’ve reflected that in how candid I’ve been about work. I’ve shared funny stories related to my own work experience, but I’ve never spoken about my feelings regarding her, described her appearance, etc. I’ve never published my own last name, the name of the establishment where I used to work or any first name of any of my coworkers.

      That said, if you’re a personal friend then you know where I work, and if you’re a local reader then it wouldn’t be terribly hard to figure out- but STILL… I’ve never said anything regarding my job, my bosses, or any of the ins & outs of their business. I could air some really dirty laundry- but I have respect for myself and for them for employing me for the past 2 years- a hell of a lot more than they had for me, that’s for sure.

      She’s just a cunt at the end of the day- and I don’t use that word because I find it verbally offensive. If they had a worse word, I’d use that one instead. It’s a blessing every day that I don’t have to see her or hear her go on and on and on about something she does herself. She sets a poor example by doing every single thing she bitches at everyone else for and its all you can do to stomach one of her lectures.

      I wish her nothing but herpes, loneliness & the stark reality of her own long unhappy life staring her back in the mirror every day. Nobody should feel so entitled to be such a nightmare in so many peoples lives and I’m just thankful not to be one of her targets anymore.

      • They’d never admit it, though I do have the screenshots of the text messages. They told me they didn’t think I could keep up this summer- which was news to me and any customer, coworker or regular would argue that. One of them didn’t even have enough respect to look me in the face, and shut the whole thing down to get me out of there without much more than a sentence. To say it was disrespectful considering they don’t have real grounds to fire me on, is an understatement. I don’t get along with her, and he told me if I didn’t get along with her I couldn’t work there, so I’ve been looking for another job.

        It just seems like that would drag things out and so many of my friends work there- I would hate to have it be so ugly. It’s absolutely why I got fired though- if nothing else- that last meeting really drove the point home.

        Seriously. Someone works for you and is kind and gets along with everyone BUT the one person everyone else doesn’t get along with- you fire them with no notice for not apologizing, and refusing to pull a blog written on their own personal time, one that has been in existence LONGER than their business- it was truly disappointing.

        I’m not a litigious person though- I’m a fuck-you-sleep-in-the-bed-you-made kind of girl. They still have to listen to her shit and drivel- and I’d rather be unemployed and worried than ever have to hear that cunt open her mouth again. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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