Crazy Bitch

I swear… just when I’m sinking into delicious bliss with the man I absolutely am going to marry if I have anything to say about it…

The Cunt Bag rears her ugly head.

We had a perfect sort of lazy day. My Superman saw the exhaustion on my face and pulled me back into bed, tucked my head on his shoulder and ran his fingers through my hair until I fell asleep.

… 2 hours later I woke up to him smiling at me. My gawddd. I prayed for him. I wished on stars and rolled the dice with the wrong guy several times, always holding out faith that men like this Superman of mine really did exist.

Against all odds and proof to the contrary, I clung to my faith that there had to be a man like him…. and when I say I’m the luckiest girl on earth, I’m not kidding.

He was determined to take me out to dinner, after taking me out for lunch.

S- It’s your day off, let someone else cook.

If he weren’t standing right in front of me, helping me in the greenhouse with the thriving plants just waiting to be planted, I’d swear he were a figment of my imagination. This amazing man is honest, good & so damn everything I ever wanted… I’m speechless.

He offers strangers help. He adores & helps his mama. He pulls my garden-glove clad hands to him and kisses me. I am so incredibly happy I think I’m floating.

My stint in Doucheville has ended. He’s impeccable with his word and he makes his intentions known. He talks babies. <swoon>.  I may have dropped an L bomb last night… fuck. lol…

It’s early. Yes. It’s soon. Yes. It’s hasty. Yes. But if there were ever a man born more worth love and devotion, I’d be surprised. I thought men like this only occurred in Disney movies and soap operas.

He smiles at me and I feel like his favorite flower & flavor at the same time. Respect with a side of take-those-clothes-off.

Be still my heart… I wish all of my friends could be so lucky.

We went to dinner late, after spending a day swimming in smiles and quiet joy. Italian, my favorite- and he’s grinning at me in the truck while I bite back L bombs.

We walked into the restaurant, and there sat the Cunt Bag. Oh great. I just smiled and walked by. I don’t have time for bullshit in this blissed out existence of mine. Haters gonna hate… but they can hate the fuck off.

We laughed over dinner as he gagged over my love for bleu cheese dressing. Fast tracking this love business means we’re still getting to know each other, while fighting the urge to throw caution to the wind and make a dozen pretty babies. Insanity? Yeah… maybe. I really don’t care… when it comes to Superman I’ve thrown off the brakes. Some men are different, and god bless America, I found my anomaly.

We got up to leave and she was still there. Ugh. Some people really make you wish you were blind so you didn’t have to look at them. I averted my eyes and walked past her, down the hallway toward the exit. When I heard her shout.

A- Bye Jenni, have a good night, Jenni.

and I’m sorry… but I’ve fucking had it. She can play ass kisser in front of the idiots who’ve given her too much freedom to torture the employees that actually work, but I don’t have to take an iota of shit from her ever again.

J- Fuck you.

A- Good to see you Jenni!

J- Fuck you.

I kept walking, my back to the nightmare and my sweet Superman walking behind me… when I hear her feet stomping behind me. I feel him behind me and I refuse to sink to her bullshit level. I keep walking. I pushed the door open and walked to the truck while I heard her behind me, screaming about me having shit to talk about her and being good with my mouth. She ran into my dear boyfriend with the door to the restaurant and he stood in her way while she screamed threats at me.

A- You don’t know me, don’t touch me!

S- I’m not touching you, and you’re not touching her.

He hit the button unlocking the door to the truck and I climbed in. She went back inside and he got in next to me.

S- I’m sorry I didn’t open your door, beautiful.

J- I’m so sorry about that. She’s awful.

S- Clearly. Don’t worry about it, I would never let anything happen to you in my presence. Let’s go get a movie and go home.

♥ Love him… love his unending protection and security. I’ve never been so crazy about someone so marvelous in my whole life.

As for her? Someone’s getting a shiny restraining order and that denied unemployment I wasn’t going to contest? Yeah, I have two days left and nothing but motivation coursing through my pissed off veins.

Threaten me and you’ll learn what happens to bullies in the real world. She’s not my boss anymore, she’s nothing more than a pain in my ass that will be dealt with accordingly.

I just might sue them for wrongful termination at this point too. I’d washed my hands of that nightmare of mine, but if I’m going to have to deal with immature bullshit from someone EVERYONE hates- why not?

6 thoughts on “Crazy Bitch

    • ♥ Good friends, wonderful job, great kids & Superman? What’s a girl to complain about? I don’t have time for any of that nightmare anymore and the further I get from it, the happier life becomes. Happiness begets happiness.

      I can’t believe her… threatening me in a public place when she’s supposed to be a manager? So classless and so immature. Perhaps a restraining order will remind her to act her age.

  1. Laura

    It doesn’t sound like she threatened you at all actually…. you were the one that told her to fuck off…. why not stop and talk face to face…. and act like adults by being upfront but respectful… “obviously we don’t like each other, but this is a small town, so lets just move on and stop shit talking. sorry for my part, i’m ready to leave it behind and respectfully keep my distance”……

    • Huh… I was walking out of the restaurant with my boyfriend, politely ignoring her. She was looking for a confrontation and when she chose to speak to me on my way out? She earned a giant FUCK YOU… running out of the restaurant ranting and being stopped by my boyfriend? Yeah that qualifies as her threatening me. Was she wanting to chat? No. She was looking for a fight and thanks for defending the undefendable, I was waiting for it actually.

      Talk face to face? That’s the beauty of it, I don’t ever have to look at her face intentionally again. Did she worry about my daughter not eating? No. Does she ever worry about any of the other people she tortures at work that hate her? No.

      She’s a walking, talking, hypocritical nightmare and if you don’t like how I label her? I suggest you hit the back button and join her at her table… oh… but… my guess would be you already have.

      I washed my hands of that horrible nightmare job, her as a ridiculously worthless manager and the bullshit that has no place in a mature person’s life.

      You probably wont like what you read here. Perhaps you should enjoy her company instead. There are plenty of vacancies there. One finger of hers touches me and I’ll happily look her in the face while they drag her ugly ass to jail. That’s how it’s going to go- just in case there’s any question.

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