Hater, please.

The funniest thing about blogging is the hater faction. The people who return daily to get their hate on.

Those are my personal favorite.

The douche bags, the assholes and the bitches. The people who’ve either hurt me in the past and have become deserving targets of a verbal bashing, or those who are frustrated that I truly don’t care about their opinion.

As they say, opinions are like assholes… everyone has one.

One is enough for me thanks.

My life has never been happier, and everything surrounding and within it; reflects it. I have an amazing job working for people I adore, I’m making twice what I was making at my old job, and I no longer have to utter the dreaded phrase…

J- Would you like chips or fries with that?

Thank fucking GAWD too, because it had gotten to the point I wanted to have my tongue cut out before I had to say it again.

I have a garden fence to end all fences, built out of the wood the Dirty Boat Stealing Asshole lost to me in court after he tried to sue me for the rest of the shit he left laying in my yard for a year after I kicked him out. It’s the ultimate act of reclaiming your spirit after a horrible relationship. Finally some small piece of the 7 years I lost in dating him, is giving back. It’s the Fort Knox of garden fences… and I can safely plant anything my heart desires without fear of it being mowed down the second I walk out.  It’s spectacular and electrically charged if I want it to be.

I have the best kids in the world, and a daughter so funny she keeps us all laughing. She’s bloomed in her new school and finally… FINALLY… loves a few subjects and looks forward to a few classes. She’s learned to drive the riding mower like a pro and still leaves me little love notes when I least expect them. She’s a blessing every day, and no amount of a stranger being jealous or hateful can touch the joy she brings to my life.

Superman is simply… super. He mowed for 3-4 hours yesterday. He cleaned up years of random craziness left laying in the yard by the Dirty Boat Thief. He made me a burn MOUNTAIN… because when it’s taller than you, it’s more than a burn pile. I cleaned the house, did dishes and prepared meals for the week while looking out my sunny kitchen window at the first man to mow my lawn, ever. He’d stop momentarily to come in and ask me what else he could do to help. He’s actually looking forward to planting in the garden and he laughs when I tell him he’s crazy. He brought home pizza and rootbeer for my little red, and rubbed my feet while we all watched a movie together. I fought back giggles as I looked at the billion mosquito bites covering his shiny bald head. Poor guy… he got eaten alive while he saved me a solid day of work I don’t even have to give. He did it to help me, with nothing but a pure heart and limitless goodness. He’s the best person to ever come into my life and I appreciate him more than I can express. I turned on “He’s just not that into you” after little red went to bed, and pulled his feet into my lap.

J- You rub my feet every night, give me these, it’s my turn.

S- I’ve never had someone rub my feet before. I had no idea how good that felt.

This man is my male counterpart. He’s bent over backwards his whole life to be the perfect son, the perfect boyfriend and the perfect husband… but he’s never gotten that in return and if it’s one thing I promise myself and him, it’s that I will strive to be that person in his life too. It’s an amazing opportunity to adore someone worth all of my love and dedication. I poured him a drink as he laughed at the honesty of the movie and fell asleep while I rubbed his feet. He smiled at me, all covered in mosquito bites, freshly showered and smelling amazing- this shiny bald man of my dreams…

S- I’ve waited my whole life for you.

That makes two of us, and I welcome the haters, the second guessers and the jealous people who would dare to question him, it or us.

Hate on… it only makes me laugh harder. I sat down this morning to see a fresh new batch of disliked comments on the blogs I’ve written about him, and took the passive aggressive ability for a chicken shit to complain about any of it. If you’re so obsessed you need to blog-stalk me, sack up and put your money where your mouth is or shut it. No more like or dislike button. If you have the balls to complain, have the balls to comment or fuck right off and write your own rant.

Oh… nobody cares? Nobody reads it? Nobody listens because it’s better to read about someone finding the happiness they deserve in spite of the people who’ve done their best to ruin it?



10 thoughts on “Hater, please.

  1. You get what you deserve. Calling me names when I worked with you and your sister when things got rough for you and helping you out while you choose to say things in your blog deserves the same treatment but I plan on contacting your ex’s and the others you’ve said things against. One of them has suggested we wait until your kids are old enough to read what kind of terrible bitch you are or just running there names thru the mud like you’ve done mine and the restaurants. you made everyone here hate working with you and to keep ranting about us is not our problem. Your ex customers tell us how much better it is now without you here. I would stop talking crap, erase the things you’ve said and move along if you are so happy. You rant about everyman you date regardless of how good or bald they are. You bitch about people not liking you but you aren’t likeable except here where people don’t know you in real life. You deserve to be lonely. Your kids will know how it feels to have someone talk crap about them one day. You have made it my priority, from one cunt to another, choke on that. You’ve made it easy to wait and to give me a trail to find the others.

    • Wow! You do realize that this is her blog. I will repeat that in case you missed it, this is HER blog. What she says here is really no one’s business but her own. I have been following and reading every post for quite a while, and I still don’t know which state Jenni lives in, let alone what town or what restaurant she works in.
      I wasn’t going to comment here because you don’t deserve a response, but you went after her children. And threatened to continue to go after them. Her KIDS!! I think that says more about how much of a vindictive and horrible person you are than anything Jenni has said. Especially because you threaten to harm children and yet you don’t have enough courage to sign your name.
      – S.

    • You know what’s so funny… I can’t even be mad.

      That’s what’s shifted these days. I’m too happy to be vengeful. I’m grateful for losing that job. I’m thankful for losing that life and I feel sorry for you if your priority in life is to slander my children and bother me. I’m also grateful for your comment, because it details even better than I ever could, what a horrible person you are.

      I couldn’t have put it better myself, and that’s saying something.

      My children know about my blog, and when I talked to my daughter about the horrible things you said, she said…
      “Mom… when you were reading that, I thought that was something you wrote about her. People always accuse you of the stuff they know about themselves” Out of the mouths of babes, as they say. I’m curious how your plan works… what are you going to drive down to the junior high and spread rumors about the niece of one of your best friends? Classy… and honestly- when people compare your character to my daughter or son’s? It will simply make you look sad and desperate.

      IF you really wanted to make my worst nightmare come true? You’d date my son…

      I suggest you read a book about grammar and punctuation. Or bullying. Or any sort of self-help book on finding your own happiness. People who bring clouds into the lives of everyone around them, only end up alone. I hope, for your sake and all the people you torment- that you find happiness somewhere. Nobody in your life can afford for you to be more miserable.

      You can waste your life hating me and looking for ways to make me miserable, but in those moments you waste, I’ll be happy and enjoying mine. I don’t have space, time or interest in having you in any part of my life. If you’re addicted to reading my blog, I can’t help that. I’m pretty good at what I do.

      As for my exes… my goodness tell me something I DON’T know. I never claimed to have anything but horrible taste and a gullible personality. Co-dependent on a tragic level and lonely? Absolutely. Perhaps you only read about yourself- I’m out of the pool. I’ve met the man of my dreams and my life is amazingly happy for the first time in a long time. I don’t have anything but peace to offer you.

      I’m thankful every single day that I wake up. I’m swimming in blessings and they only keep getting better. I saw my peas sprout this morning. I woke up to love notes and a beautiful little freckled kid smiling sleepily at me. That’s my morning. I spent the afternoon making Husband soup, a recipe of my own that literally has made men propose. I baked banana bread before work so that same darling girl came home from school to know her mama loved her. My sweet Superman drove me to work and kissed me good luck for a perfect shift at the best job I’ve ever had. I came home with dinner early and browsed my talented little darlings sketch book while we giggled about her day. I tucked her little freckled face in and kissed her goodnight and thanked my stars again, for blessing me so much.

      I got calls from a couple friends, and my mom… and Superman… who misses me after being gone 5 hours.

      I sat in the hot tub, and listened to my favorite music. I played with the dogs and fed the cat and cut fresh asparagus in the garden with my iPod freshly loaded with my favorite music.

      I had a beautiful day- and all the hate and predictable words & behavior from you? Can’t touch it.

      I hope you find happiness so you can quit being such a thorn in the lives of the people who love you enough to suffer through being your friend/family.

      Keep reading if you want or can’t stop. Be a bother if that’s all you have to live for. For the love of all that is holy- have enough self respect to leave kids out of it.

      Even I didn’t think you were that low.

  2. Haters gonna hate… they are empty, angry, sad people who can only feel good about their own life by putting someone else down. Just more motivation to keep moving forward and loving your life!

  3. Jenni,
    I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. But I had to respond the the idiot who calls herself ‘Kiss It’.
    Who brings children into their adult issues?? Like I said above, I think she just made it clear what type of person she is and needs no help from your vicious and righteous tongue.
    xo – S.

  4. That would be Miss Cunt Bag, my nightmare manager for the past few years.

    Did I name her well or what?

    Honestly there’s nothing I could say about her that would make her look as bad as she just made herself look- and that, ya’ll is what I had to work with. I never claimed NOT to be a nasty bitch- hell I scream it from the rooftops occasionally- but no matter how angry I could be, I’d never go after someone’s kids. Especially when you’re supposed “friend” is a relative of those same kids she just threatened to drag through the mud. It’s classless. This is a blog, not a newspaper- I don’t name names, but I can- and if I really wanted to drag them all through the mud? We could all get very, very dirty.

    I just don’t care that much. I’m blissfully happy and a million times healthier than I was a month ago. My life belongs to me again and I don’t have to like her- and certainly not on my own private blog- for fuck’s sake.

    The part about aligning with my exes really cracked me up though… my goodness talk about gift wrapping the ultimate revenge you could have on someone trying to hurt you. That’s a bad bunch of dudes… and in the past I might have said I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy…

    … but if she’s going to do it for me…

    • Oh, Darling! You make me smile and that is not an easy thing to do any time, let alone at 630 in the morning!
      I don’t think you should waste any more thoughts, words or posts on this woman, or the establishment she so aptly represents. In a way, I am sure her motivation for reading is narcissistic, she likes seeing her persona online and although she acts all self-righteous, the only reason beyond pettiness I can see for her still hassling you is that she gets a perverse pleasure out of seeing you waste emotion, thoughts and words on her – as long as she is in your posts she sees herself as ‘haunting you’.
      But you don’t need to hear this, you have already moved on to a much better place, so don’t waste another minute on her.
      Put her on the shelf of people you’ve schooled along with T.M. and the VagHor and let them have fun deserving each other. (none of them deserve the extra type it takes to type their full names.)
      oooooo – S.

      P.s. On a less sophisticated note, Gawd!! What a crusty old bitch. I hope and pray I never have to come into contact with the likes of her. If I do I will be running to my doctor and getting tests for any and all cunt-bound illnesses. Would’t want catch something from the crusty wrinkled cunt. :P

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