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Happy Spring ♥

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I’m slowly getting back in the habit of writing every day to clear out the cobwebs, and I figured I’d be lazy and catch up with everyone at once, since answering emails isn’t one of my strong points.

Life has been a steady bunch of bliss for the past two years, and though things didn’t go like I expected, I have never been happier with how it all IS. My babies are growing and happy. My tomatoes are standing tall and ready to outdo their predecessors. It’s been a beautiful early spring and my garden is planted MONTHS earlier than ever before.

This little munchkin has a lot to do with that!  I’ve grown a mini farmer, and she loves to play in the dirt with me. (amen)

mqLooking back, it’s amazing how much time I wasted trying to find love. I’ve been single for nearly two years, have no intention of dating again and could not be happier. My days are full of laughter, baby dolls and rows of vegetables. I love my job, have great friends and am finally content with my fat ass.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

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  1. Excellent update! Wonderful picture! 🙂

  2. Oh Jenni you look so beautiful, and your daughter is just scrumptious! So happy for you!


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