Unicorns, in a sea of cats.


Elbow deep in green beans with a depressing shortage of tomatoes, I was kicking myself for being smart enough to cockblock myself out of waking up in Las Vegas this weekend. Weepy even. I hate to admit it, but as soon as I saw her name on my phone,  those tears I’d been successful at suppressing, fell.

J- Oh my god. I love when you know I need you.

U- I love you, what’s wrong????

There’s just something about your little sister calling when you are feeling vulnerable. She doesn’t even know who or what I’m upset about. She’s just there.

U- You have a big heart, you love hard. Why are you so hard on my sister??? Big mistakes make the best lessons.  I’m so grateful that my shoes are so comfortable. I really like me. You should love you. I do.

That’s my Unicorn sister. The one who puts up with some insane bullshit from a crazy babymama, because she knows its an opportunity for personal growth and that’s just who we are.

J- It doesn’t cost you anything to be kind. Extend yourself. Don’t give her room to hate you and she can’t. That’s who we are. Don’t let a jealous woman change that about yourself.

U- You’re right. She’s going to make me a better person.

J- Bake her some cookies. Ask her to hang out. She can’t hate you if she gets to know you.

U- We’re not like other girls.

J- No. We’re not.

U- I’m glad.

J- We’re just a bunch of unicorns in a sea of cats.

The Unicorn got married too young, to a man most unworthy. I tolerated him, but I was thrilled to see him go. Living a Mormon lifestyle leaves a women wholeheartedly unprepared to be a dating, single mother, unless you stay within the confines of Utah. My Mormon roots are my biggest hurdle. Hers too. She does not live in Utah, so she brings Utah to everyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of growing up in the cradle of neighborly love.

We give, and give, and give more… even to the jealous bitches who hate us and especially to the men whom we adore.

We’re unicorns. That’s what unicorns do.

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