We sure have it easy, ladies.

I posted a couple pictures and a short paragraph and caught 4 men in 10 minutes. Five hours later, I have 27 blowing up my phone and a smoking hot date tonight.

How pretty is this? I realize I am breaking another damn cardinal rule of mine. I don’t date pretty boys. Never. Just like pretty women, they are far more expensive than they’re worth and you will only end up hating yourself. Pretty = problems.



Meet Hunter. I’m going. Rules be damned.

J- My little one goes to bed at 7, so I’ll see you there at 7:30?

H- I don’t see that restaurant listed on any of the sites with recommendations.

J- It’s intimate, maybe a little quaint? We could go somewhere else if you don’t want to trust me?

Did you hear that evil laugh? You should. They will do ANYTHING you want them to do on the first date. Anything. Homeboy would sit in the middle of the sidewalk and share a Lunchable with me if I told him it’s what I wanted.

Instead, we’re going to my least favorite local cafe. The same place I take all my internet dates. If he’s a psychopath, I’m safe and there are two exits. I’m perfectly comfortable going to the bathroom and leaving. I’ve done that twice. From this same restaurant.

He’s pretty dull, if I’m going to be honest about my first impression. I hate to be a broken record, but pretty boys aren’t generally the most intellectually stimulating. His profile states that he’s attracted to smart women and not into one night stands.

We’ll see about that Hunter. The same way you can’t make a hoe into a housewife, you can’t make an internet date into a husband. I’m moderately concerned that I’m not more nervous, but my curiosity is overriding my sanity.

Who wants to wager some bets? Is he really gonna be this hot? Crazy or sane?

I can’t believe I’m doing this again…

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