I don’t like perfunctory gifts. Those “I pulled her name this year and she likes perfume” gifts.


I like the kind of gifts that blow people away and make their dreams come true.

Those deep-seated wishes you don’t think anyone knows about. Yeah, I want to know about those, because I will go to the ends of the earth to make them happen. 

I personally don’t like opening presents. At all. My best friends know not to wrap them. I appreciate everything and it’s not a concern that I won’t love whatever anyone gives me… it’s the awkward discomfort of it all.

When I went to counseling after I got divorced, the one horrifying thing my therapist said was that one of my “love languages” was receiving gifts. My mouth fell open and I argued vehemently to the contrary.

Then my lover bought me a parting gift. He handed me a box and told me to open it. 

Inside was a necklace and inscribed in tiny letters was the phrase: “I shimmered…whatever affection you remember, remember this.”

I cried big, alligator tears. Jeanine Payer is my favorite jewelry/designer/weakness in the whole world and he’d proven my counselors point. It wasn’t that I wanted random gifts. I wanted intention, with a bow. 

I hate opening presents so much that I’m overjoyed to be single in the time of gifting. 

O V E R J O Y E D.

However… I’ve been a busy little Miss Claus and have found/made a few things that I am SO EXCITED to give. 

What are you excited about this holiday season?

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